Product Spotlight - Glass & Plastic Packaging with UV Protection

Amber, Blue, and Green UV Resistant Containers

When packaging essential oils, beauty and skin care products, maintaining the integrity of your unique ingredients, blends and compounds is a top concern. SKS offers UV resistant packaging in vibrant, eye-catching colors of glass and plastic including amber, green and blue. These durable UV resistant containers offer reliable protection from harmful UV rays for your light sensitive products, ensuring the best experience for your customers. SKS highly suggests the thorough and complete testing of your one of a kind products with our UV resistant packaging to ensure complete compatibility.

UV Rays and Your Products

If your unique blend of ingredients contains light sensitive compounds, exposure to UV light could potentially impact your product in the following ways, impacting your customer's experience.
  • UV Rays Can:
  • Alter light sensitive compounds in ingredients.
  • Reduce shelf life and potency of your product.
  • Change the taste and odor of products.
  • Cause photooxidation (oxidation caused by light)

UV Resistant Packaging for Your Products

Aromatherapy Containers w/ UV Protection

Essential oils are commonly packaged in amber, green, and blue glass bottles to protect their light sensitive compounds and maintain their fragrances and properties. SKS offers glass euro dropper bottles, boston round bottles, and roll on containers in these dynamic colors. These UV resistant choices include plastic dispensing caps to ensure a smooth application.

Skin Care Packaging w/ UV Protection

Our vibrant colored plastic containers provide reliable UV protection and a popular choice in skin care packaging with their durability and versatility. Choosing UV resistant plastic containers can help to reduce the oxidation and degradation of ingredients in skin care products, protecting your product on the store shelf.

Hair Care Packaging w/ UV Protection

Hair care products can benefit from being housed in amber, blue and greeen containers with UV protection as they often include light sensitive ingredients including vitamins, oil blends, and more. Choose from plastic and glass UV resistant containers to provide a dynamic style with reliable UV barriers for a full line of hair care products.

Food Packaging w/ UV Protection

Incorrect food packaging methods can cause spoilage and reduced freshness of your food products. To maintain the taste profile of your food products, consider amber glass bottles and metal tins in an array of styles with UV resistant properties.

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