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SKS Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

SKS Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

Sign up for our Loyalty Program today to start earning points from purchases on the SKS Bottle site that lead to big savings on your future orders! Read below to find out how it works.

Signing Up for the SKS Loyalty Program

Signing up for our Loyalty program is easy! Start by logging into your account and visit our Loyalty Program Signup Form. Click the checkbox to indicate that you would like to sign up, and you will see an additional section drop down containing a summary of the program terms and conditions. Click the checkbox indicating that you have read and understand the terms. Then click the Continue button to sign up!

Earning Points

Once you are a Loyalty Program member, you will immediately be eligible to start earning points on future purchases made through the SKS Bottle site. You will begin as a Bronze tier program member, and will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on the SKS Bottle site.

Points earned are calculated based on your order subtotal, minus any applied discounts and Container Cash credits. As you add items to your cart and navigate through the checkout process, you will see indications of the amount of points potentially earned on the order you are placing. These point values are subject to change, in the event of edited or cancelled orders. Points will post to your account when the order is finalized and closed, and will be based on the value of products shipped.

If your order is paid through credit terms (ex. Net 30 terms), earned points and/or Container Cash associated with that order may be revoked in the event of unpaid invoices. If all Container Cash has been applied to new orders and there is no available balance to revoke, SKS will bill you for the Container Cash.

Earning Container Cash Rewards

You will receive $10.00 in Container Cash rewards for every 300 points accrued against your account. You will receive an email to the account holder's email address to notify you when Container Cash has been added to your account. Container Cash is available for use as soon as it is posted to your account. You can accrue an unlimited amount of Container Cash, and each Container Cash reward is valid for 1 year after the date issued.

Earning Bonus Points & Container Cash

There are a variety of ways to add to your Container Cash to your account!
  • Refer New Loyalty Program Members
    Refer someone to our Loyalty Program here by sending them a quick email through our form. If they sign up, $5 in Container Cash will be added to your account instantly. You will receive an additional $10 in Container Cash when their first order is completed.
  • Follow SKS on Social Media
    Start by logging into your account, and click the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest buttons from any product page on the SKS Bottle site to earn $5 in instant Container Cash!

Using Container Cash Rewards

If you have a balance of available Container Cash against your account, you will see a field that can be used to apply any available amount to your order while checking out. You will see this field on the Payment Method step, near the other payment options. The amount of Container Cash that you have available will be shown below the field. Type in any amount up to your maximum available balance to apply it to your order. This will reduce the order total, similar to how discounts and promo codes work. If successful, you will see the Container Cash as a line item in your order total on the Checkout Confirmation screen.

After applying Container Cash, you will also see a notice on the payment screen indicating the amount of points to be earned on your purchase, which will be a slightly lower amount than previously shown on the shopping cart page.

Reward Expiration

Container Cash is valid for 1 year after its issue. When you receive an email notification for new Container Cash, the expiration date will be noted. You can also view details on your earned Container Cash on your Account Management page, to find out when your rewards expire.

Loyalty Program Tiers

When your total yearly spend reaches certain increments, your account will automatically graduate to the next tier in our Loyalty Program. The program contains 5 tiers, and at each level, you will earn points at a faster rate than before, resulting in more Container Cash to use on your orders!


Earn 1 point for every dollar spent. All accounts begin at Bronze status.


Earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent. Spend at least $1,000.00 over the course of the year to reach Silver status.


Earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent. Spend at least $5,000.00 over the course of the year to reach Gold status.


Earn 1.75 points for every dollar spent. Spend at least $10,000.00 over the course of the year to reach Platinum status.


Earn 2 points for every dollar spent. Spend at least $25,000.00 over the course of the year to reach VIP status.

Total yearly spend is based on the product subtotals from your finalized orders, minus any applied Container Cash and discounts, and excluding any returned items or order cancellations. You will receive an email notification when you graduate to the next tier. New points conversion rate will then apply to any future orders.

Tier status is determined annually -- your account will reset to Bronze status each year on the anniversary of your sign-up date. When your account resets, look for an email to you notify your of the change to your account, including a $10 anniversary reward.

Account Management

Loyalty Program members have access to a convenient account management page through our Members' Area. After logging in, click the "SKS Loyalty Program" link in the left column menu, or from your Account menu. This page offers 2 options to help you keep track of your account. Click the on-page links to switch between views.

My Rewards
This page provides a summary of your current rewards progress, as well as your available Container Cash balance for quick reference. The animated points chart shows you how close you are to accruing 300 points against your account, which will translate into your next $10 Container Cash reward. "In Progress" points refers to pending points associated with active orders. These points will be posted to your account when the orders are finalized.

Reward History
The Reward History view details all Container Cash rewards that you have earned. Results can be narrowed down to show Available, Used/Expired or All Container Cash. This area is a helpful way to keep track of your Container Cash, what orders you have applied it to, and when it is due to expire.

Account Info
This view provides helpful stats related to your account, such as your current tier and points conversion rate, as well as your total annual spend, and how much more you need to spend before reaching the next tier.

Returned and Cancelled Orders

If items from an order are returned, points earned through that order will be revoked, equivalent to the subtotal of returned items at the points conversion rate that applied to the order. For example, if $100 worth of bottles are returned, and you had earned 125 points from them (at a rate of 1.25 points per dollar), 125 points will be subtracted from your account. Container Cash rewards that were earned as a result of the purchase may be voided. If your total annual spend after the return places you back into lower tier, you will receive an email notification outlining the change to your account.

If the order you are returning had Container Cash applied to it, the Container Cash will first be refunded to your account, before your refund amount is calculated.

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