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Product Subscription Program Terms & Conditions

SKS now offers convenient subscription orders through our Subscribe & Save program! Save time through pre-scheduled orders, receive guaranteed inventory in stock for your items, and save money with an automatic 5% discount! Read below for more information on our Subscribe & Save program and how it works.

Note: as of 4/26/22, we are temporarily unable to accept new product subscriptions due to limited product availability and ongoing supply chain issues. We will resume the addition of new subscriptions when these issues subside.

Existing subscriptions will be fulfilled on schedule and can be edited as needed. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Please check this page for updates, or feel free to contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

How Subscribe & Save Works

You can create a new subscription from almost any item on our site from the Product Detail pages. Simply choose a quantity and monthly interval for your shipments, and complete your first order to create a new subscription. You will receive 5% off right away on any item you add to your cart as a subscription! New subscription orders will be created automatically and shipped out on the day you choose, using the payment method and other details that you have on file. You will receive email notifications on your upcoming shipments, and each time a new order is created in our system. Manage your subscription through a convenient form in our Members' area to easily make changes as needed. There is no commitment - keep your subscription for as long as you would like, and cancel it in seconds at any time.

After 2 months of consistent shipments with no further edits made, we will be able to ensure availability of your items, avoiding backorders and any delay in your shipments.

Why Create a Product Subscription with SKS?

There are a number of benefits to creating subscription orders that will save you time and money and streamline your ordering experience! Here are some of the many reasons why our Subscribe & Save program could be right for you:
  • Save 5% automatically on all Subscribe & Save items.
    Every time your subscription orders process, we will automatically take 5% off the item's current price.
  • Your products in stock and ready to ship when you need them!
    After 2 consecutive months of an active product subscription without modification to amounts and timing, we are able to predict the quantities you need, and when you need them. This means that we can ensure availability of your items, without backorders and delayed shipments.
  • Prompt Shipment with No Delays
    Subscription orders take priority in our system and will always be shipped out on the day requested.
  • Save time - less order entry
    Set up a subscription by placing an order one time, and your future orders are placed automatically according to the schedule and criteria that you set. No further order entry is needed, unless you would like to make changes to your subscription.
  • Convenient and quick order management
    Make changes to your subscription in a few easy clicks.
  • No commitment or obligation
    Subscriptions can be easily cancelled or paused at any time, and reactivated with the click of a button as needed.

How to Create a New Product Subscription

Almost any item on our site can be added as a new subscription item from our convenient Product Detail pages. To find these pages, you may use the site search, or drill down to a specific stock number from our group product pages.

You will see a Subscribe and Save option, with your reduced price displayed. Click on this field to reveal the subscription options. Select the quantity of cases, and the monthly interval that works best for you , from 1 to 6 months. Then click Subscribe Now to add item to your cart as a subscription.

When you complete this order, a new subscription will be created in our system. The details from the order you just placed will be used as defaults on your upcoming subscription orders, including your ship-to address, payment method and shipping options. You may edit these details at any time through the Subscription Management form in our Members area.

Automatic Shipments from Your Subscriptions

Your first automatic order will ship out in the number of months that you selected as your subscription interval. For example, if you created your subscription on January 1st and selected an interval of 2 months, your first automatic shipment will occur on March 1st. Slight variations will occur when your scheduled date falls on a weekend or holiday - in these cases, we will ship out your order on the next available business day.

4 days before your subscription order is created
We will send you a reminder through email of your upcoming subscription order, reviewing the items to be sent. During this time, please make sure that your subscription details and saved payment method are up to date, and make any changes needed before your order is placed.

1 Day before your subscription order ships
Your automatic order will be created in our system at the end of the day, ensuring that it is ready for processing on your scheduled ship date. You will receive a normal order confirmation through email when your order has been successfully placed.

Subscription products that share the same ship date, ship method, ship-to address and payment method will be grouped into a single order, which may help save on shipping costs, and make your order eligible for free shipping.

Payment for Subscription Orders
We will attempt to charge the saved credit card that is on file for your subscription. Upon success, your order will be created in our system immediately. If for some reason the transaction is declined, you will receive an email prompting you to visit your Subscription Management page to update your payment method. Upon successful re-entry of your card details, your order will be created in our system instantly.

Making Changes To Your Product Subscriptions

You can easily view, monitor, edit or cancel your subscription items at any time through a simple form in our Member's area. Start by logging into your account, and click on "Manage Product Subscriptions" from the Account menu. The main page will list all of your subscription items. Click on any item to view in detail. For any item, you can take the following actions whenever needed. Note that open orders that are currently being processed will not be modified.
  • Modify Subscription Timing & Quantities
    The most common edits can be made right from the main view - change your subscription quantity (cases), interval (the amount of months between shipments), or the date of your next order. Click the Update Subscription button to apply changes.
  • Update Your Ship-To Address
    Click the Edit link under "Shipped To" to change the address where we will ship your future subscription items. In the window that opens, start typing your address into the Street Address field, and choose from options that populate in the dropdown, or fill out the fields manually. Click Use Address on Order to update your saved address for future shipments.
  • Update Your Payment Method
    Click the Edit link under "Payment Method" to change the saved payment method that will be used on your upcoming shipments. From this window, you may choose from saved credit cards, or enter a new credit card. New credit card entries will be validated right away, but your card will not be charged until the time of your next subscription order. Please make sure that the billing address shown matches the address on your selected credit card. If you are eligible for credit terms through SKS, your credit terms will also be shown as a payment option.
  • Apply Container Cash to Your Next Order
    If you are a Loyalty Program member and have an available Container Cash balance, you will also see fields to apply your Container Cash in the Payment Method window. You can apply any amount up to your available balance, and it will be applied to your next automatic order, as long as it is still available at that time.
  • Update Your Selected Ship method
    Click the Edit link under "Shipping Method" to choose from UPS ship methods that are available for your ship-to address, and see an estimate of the current rates and estimated delivery date. (Note that dates and dollar amounts here are estimates based on current UPS data, and may be subject to slight variations at the time of shipment).
  • Add Notes to Your Orders
    Need to leave a comment or special instructions to your orders? Click View/Edit Notes and Comments to add a note that will show up on all of your orders.
  • Making edits in batches or groups
    If you have more than one active subscription product, you can easily apply any of the above changes to some or all of your items at once. Before submitting your edits, simply check the box for "all active items" or "all items shipping on this date." This will either apply the same updates to all of your active subscriptions, or all of the items currently grouped to ship as part of the same order. Note that items with different selections for payment and shipping options will not be grouped into the same order.

Cancelling Your Subscription

There is no obligation to keep your subscription running for any amount of time. Any time you need to, you can easily cancel your subscription by clicking the Cancel Subscription button. Just let us know why you are cancelling by selecting a reason from the dropdown menu, and submit your change. There will be no further shipments of the item, and we will try to cancel any active orders have not yet been processed.

At any time in the future, you can also easily Reactivate a cancelled subscription with one button click.

Pausing Your Subscription or Skipping a Shipment

If you find that at any time you have more of the item on hand than you need, you can also easily pause your subscription until a later date. Your subscription will be on hold until the date you choose. There are a few ways this can be done.
  • Use the Recurring Ship Date field to move your next shipment out to any later business day on the calendar.
  • Click the Pause Subscription button to open a window where you can move out your next shipment date, or select a number of months to skip.

Adding Items to Your Subscription

To add more subscription items, you can click the Add Items button to open a form where you can search for products to add. Type a keyword associated with the item stock number or description into the search field, and select from matching items shown. Enter the quantity in cases you would like to add. This item will be added as a subscription, with identical options to the item you started from. If you would like to modify the new item's timing, shipping or payment options, you can go to its Subscription Detail page to make changes.

Conditions and Limitations

  • Items that are currently on closeout, or only available by emailing for a quote, are not eligible for the Subscribe & Save program, and will not show the subscription field on their product pages.
  • Subscription orders are not eligible for additional discounts, promos or coupons, as they instead receive an automatic 5% discount. You may, however, apply Container Cash that you have earned to any upcoming order.
  • If increases are made to an item's quantity or frequency, or the next shipment date is moved up, we may not be able to guarantee availability of your item on the next upcoming shipment. In these cases, there is a slight chance of limited inventory, or backordered items. After 2 months of an uninterrupted and unmodified subscription, we will again be able to ensure availability on your upcoming orders.

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