Glass Bottles By Shape

Browse through our wide selection of glass bottles organized by style. Choose boston round bottles for body care products, spa supplies, and nutraceuticals, or sauce bottles and beverage bottles for a full line of food products. Browse our glass euro dropper bottles for aromatherapy and essential oil needs, and an assortment specialty glass bottles for more unique needs. For detailed information on these glass bottles, read our Product Spotlights and view the Shop by Industry index for creative ideas.

Glass Boston Round Bottles

SKS offers amber, clear, blue, and frosted glass boston round bottles paired with a range of closures.

Glass Sauce Bottles

SKS offers unique glass sauce bottles in styles for hot sauce, barbecue sauce, syrups, salad dressings, and much more.

Glass Euro Dropper Bottles

Euro dropper bottles in amber, blue, and green are matched with various plastic caps for easily dispensing products.

Square Glass Bottles

Choose french, marasca, perfume, and honey muth square glass bottles with a variety of closures.

Glass Roll On Bottles

Roll on containers in vibrant colors are available in wholesale bulk cases and kits for essential oils, perfume, and more!

Glass Specialty Bottles

Glass bottles in specialty styles are available here for packaging products that could include honey, wedding favors, homeopathic supplies, and more.

Glass Beverage Bottles

Clear and amber beverage bottles include dairy bottles, liquor bottles with handles, swing top bottles, and more.

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