Plastic Jars By Size

Plastic Jars By Size

1/4 oz Plastic Jars

Browse through our selection of compact 1/4 oz plastic jars with lids in a range of colors and styles.

1/2 oz Plastic Jars

1/2 oz plastic jars are available in amber, clear, white, natural, and more in versatile styles to meet your packaging needs.

10 - 45 ml Plastic Jars

Choose from a variety of small plastic jars in 10 ml, 20 ml, and 45 ml sizes, including cosmetic jars with sifters, eyeshadow pans, and styrene plastic jars.

1 oz Plastic Jars

Select from 1 oz plastic jars in various materials and colors to match your product needs and style.

2 oz Plastic Jars

SKS offers a large selection of 2 oz plastic jars, including amber heavy wall jars, black thick wall jars, and clear straight sided jars.

4 oz Plastic Jars

Browse 4 oz plastic jars in different colors and styles paired with metal and plastic caps for endless packaging possibilities.

8 oz Plastic Jars

SKS has an expansive inventory of 8 oz plastic jars including durable polypropylene and PET jars, as well as eco-friendly packaging options.

16 - 17 oz Plastic Jars

SKS offers a variety of large plastic jars in 16 - 17 oz sizes. View 17 oz peanut butter jars and a variety of 16 oz plastic jars to package larger volumes of product with ease.

Other Plastic Jar Sizes

When looking for specialty jars, browse here for small compact plastic jars, 10 oz and 12 oz plastic jars, plastic jars for home or restaurant organization, and more.

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