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Glass is nonporous, impermeable, FDA approved, and 100% recyclable. Amber glass can be choice of style, but also offers an array of benefits. Amber glass can filter UV rays, protecting light sensitive products from their potentially harmful effects. Light sensitive products stored within clear or light colored containers can expire more quickly, and experience changes in smell, color, and taste, altering the intended effect. Browse our selection of amber glass containers for packaging aromatherapy oils and infused products, pharmaceuticals, food products, and much more.

Amber Glass Aromatherapy Packaging

When producing aromatherapy oils and aromatherapy infused products, choose from a range of amber glass Euro dropper bottles, roll on bottles, and jars, paired with durable plastic caps. With such a wide selection of amber glass bottles and jars, SKS is sure to have packaging options for aromatherapy products, like oils, creams, and more.

Amber Glass Food Packaging

SKS offers amber glass bottles in a variety of styles and sizes for housing food products, including cooking oils, flavor extracts, and homebrew recipes. SKS provides packaging, from oblong bottles to jugs with metal and plastic caps, that assists in keeping product fresh, without altering odor or taste, and offers protection against UV rays.

Amber Glass Pharmaceutical Packaging

Choosing the right packaging for pharmaceutical products is key. Amber glass bottles and amber glass jars provide a full line of packaging choices with built in features for the security of your products. Select from amber glass bottles with bulb glass droppers to amber glass jars with child resistant caps to package products that could include oral remedies, capsules, and more.

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