Product Spotlight - Amber Glass Bottles for Food Products

Amber Glass Food Product Packaging

SKS offers amber glass bottles in a variety of styles and sizes for housing food products, including cooking oils, flavor extracts, and homebrew recipes. SKS provides packaging, from oblong bottles to jugs with metal and plastic caps, that assists in keeping product fresh, without altering odor or taste, and offers protection against UV rays.

Food Packaging with Amber Glass Bottles

Amber glass jugs feature durable molded handles for easy pouring and transporting, as well as liquid capacities conveniently embossed on the shoulders. The rounded shoulders and bases of these amber jugs offer a versatile and vintage look and, with the UV protective quality of amber glass, these jugs could be used for home brews, oils, syrups, and much more.

Choose from a selection of amber glass boston round bottles and oblong bottles in a variety of sizes for packaging food products that could consist of cooking oils, food flavorings, and more. Amber glass boston round bottles feature a standard shape with rounded shoulders, a solid round base, and straight sides that provide ample labeling space and design options. Pair amber glass boston round bottles with aluminum metal caps with PE-F217 liners or white metal plastisol lined caps.

Amber glass oblong flasks are available with black polypropylene tamper evident caps and pouring inserts. The shape of the oblong flask allows for secure handling when pouring. The LDPE pouring insert provides a more direct and controlled pour, and the attached tamper evident caps offer an added level of security for your product. With a broad range of amber glass bottles, SKS is sure to have options that fit your packaging needs. We recommend testing the amber glass bottles with your product to ensure compatibility.

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