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Product Replacement - 2 oz White HDPE Boston Round Bottles06/09/21

Product Replacement - 2 oz White HDPE Boston Round Bottles

Packaging Information
Our 2 oz white HDPE boston rounds have been replaced by a new bottle that has some slight differences in appearance. Please see the updated spec information below for more details.

All affected kits are linked in the Related Products section at the bottom of the page.
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Big Summer Savings Sale06/07/21

Big Summer Savings Sale

June 2021 Promo
Take advantage of these big summer savings! Save $50 on your order of $500+ or $100 on your order of $1,000+. Read more to get the code!
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Bath & Body Care Packaging06/01/21

Bath & Body Care Packaging

June 2021 Newsletter
SKS has a unique selection of metal, glass, and plastic containers suitable for various bath and body care products. Choose from a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and closures to suit your needs. Our extensive collection of bottles and jars provides the perfect packaging solution for any bath and body care line!
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Win A Yeti Cooler Package!05/18/21

Win A Yeti Cooler Package!

May 2021 Promo
Place an order of $300 or more to be entered in a YETI cooler giveaway!
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Cyber May Day Sale!05/11/21

Cyber May Day Sale!

May 2021 Promo
Save $15 off your order of $50 or more during Cyber May Day! Read more to get the code!
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Handmade Recipes in SKS Candle Containers05/03/21

Handmade Recipes in SKS Candle Containers

May 2021 Newsletter
Our extensive line of candle containers is perfect for both the candle hobbyist or professional candle maker. SKS offers various glass candle jars, candle votives, and metal candle tins in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. Glass jars are offered in clear, frosted, and amber, while metal tins can be found in silver or gold. As always, you should test your candle containers for compatibility and exercise caution when making or burning candles.
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Earth Day Promo04/22/21

Earth Day Promo

April 2021 Promo
Earth Day savings! Take $10 off orders of $50 or more with products from our glass and sustainable packaging indexes. Read more to get the code!
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Spring Savings Flash Sale04/13/21

Spring Savings Flash Sale

April 2021 Promo
Take advantage of this one-day Spring steal! Save between $10 - $100 on your order of $100 or more 4/13/21! Read more to get the code!
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Animal Cruelty Awareness Promotion04/01/21

Animal Cruelty Awareness Promotion

April 2021 Promo
Spend more save more! Take between $10 - $100 off your order of available Amber, Clear, and Purple PET Bottles & Jars, as well as items in the Pet Care index, during the month of April and contribute toward animal cruelty awareness. Read more to get the code!
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DIY Skin Care Packaging04/01/21

DIY Skin Care Packaging

April 2021 Newsletter
Skin care is one of the leading subsets of the personal care industry and SKS Bottle & Packaging offers a wide range of glass and plastic containers to fulfill your skin care packaging needs. Lotion pumps, foaming pumps, and disc top caps are just a few of the useful dispensing caps we have paired with our large variety of stocked plastic and glass bottles. We also carry a large selection of skin care jars for housing products like balms, salves, creams, and much more. Check out below for a variety of DIY skin care recipes that can be conveniently packaged in SKS containers.
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