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Blue PET Bottles & Jars12/01/2017

Blue PET Bottles & Jars

December 2017 Promo
Spend $100 on select Blue PET Bottles & Jars and take $10 off your order. Read more to get the code!
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Dressing and Sauce Bottles12/01/2017

Dressing and Sauce Bottles

December 2017 Newsletter
SKS Bottle & Packaging carries an extensive line of packaging for sauces, dressings, and various condiments. Whether you are in the market for glass or plastic sauce bottles, many unique styles and functional cap options are available.
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Polystyrene Jars11/15/2017

Product Spotlight - Polystyrene Jars

Product Spotlight
Polystyrene jars provide the high end appeal of glass, while maintaining the durability and structure of high quality plastics. SKS has polystyrene jars for cosmetics, body care and more!
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Spice Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps11/08/2017

Product Spotlight - Spice Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps

Product Spotlight
SKS offers both glass and plastic bottles with functional and eye-catching spice grinder caps. These spice grinders can be used to dispense a variety of seasonings and spices, and could enhance many product lines with a modern, stylish look.
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Child Resistant Caps11/08/2017

Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Caps

Product Spotlight
Child resistant caps are essential for preventing children from accessing potentially harmful products. SKS is a great resource for a variety of child resistant caps in both dispensing and non-dispensing varieties.
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Honey Containers11/08/2017

Product Spotlight - Honey Containers

Product Spotlight
There are over 300 flavors of honey, each with its own unique flavor. Select from the variety of glass and plastic containers SKS stocks to package honey in everything from classic to modern style containers!
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PE-F217 Lined Caps11/08/2017

Product Spotlight - PE-F217 Lined Caps

Product Spotlight
It's very important to consider all of your options when choosing the right cap liner for your products. SKS offers various caps with PE-F217 liners. PE-F217 is a universal liner type that is used in an array of industries to keep products fresh on store shelves. Check out our wide selection of metal and plastic caps with PE-F217 liners when creating your product line!
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Roll On Bottles11/01/2017

Roll On Bottles

November 2017 Newsletter
SKS Bottle & Packaging carries a variety of roll on bottles in both plastic and glass for products that require a more gradual application. Choose from the array of colors, sizes, finishes and caps offered to create your products custom look!
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Plastic Child Resistant Packaging11/01/2017

Plastic Child Resistant Packaging

November 2017 Promo
Spend $100 or more on select Plastic Child Resistant Packaging and save $10 on your order. Read more to get the code!
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LDPE Bottles10/26/2017

Product Spotlight - LDPE Bottles

Product Spotlight
LDPE bottles are highly flexible, with excellent barrier properties to keep your products safe, making them ideal containers for eye drops, e-fluids, and much more.
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