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Highlighting 2020 New Features01/03/21

Highlighting 2020 New Features

January 2021 Newsletter
In 2020 SKS improved and expanded their ever growing E-Commerce site by adding new online features, while remaining fully operational as an "essential business" during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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2020 Holiday Promo12/28/20

2020 Holiday Promo

December 2020 Promo
Save $10 off your order of $50 or more during the holiday sale! Read more to get the code!
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Holiday Gifts with SKS Containers12/01/20

Holiday Gifts with SKS Containers

December 2020 Newsletter
House homemade gifts this holiday season in SKS bottles, metal tins, and jars! With a variety of over 6,000 containers and closures, SKS offers endless possibilities for DIY gifts of all types. From paperboard to plastic, glass and more, find the right fit to package presents with SKS Bottle.
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Cyber Monday 202011/29/20

Cyber Monday 2020

November 2020 Promo
Save $15 off your order of $50 or more during Cyber Monday! Read more to get the code!
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DIY Recipes Using SKS' Frosted Containers11/02/20

DIY Recipes Using SKS' Frosted Containers

November 2020 Newsletter
SKS offers a variety of glass containers that are carefully frosted to provide a unique and lasting look. SKS operates in conjunction with one of the industry's leading container coating and printing companies for a top-of-the-line finish. The frosting is sprayed over the glass in a precise, even coat and is formulated to have high scratch resistance. Choose frosted glass containers for cosmetic packaging, skincare packaging, and much more!
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Fall Fun With SKS Containers10/01/20

Fall Fun With SKS Containers

October 2020 Newsletter
Celebrate spooky season this Fall with a range of products from SKS Bottle & Packaging. We've got you covered, from DIY fall beauty products to boo-tiful Halloween crafts, all housed in SKS plastic and glass containers.
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Breast Cancer Awareness10/01/20

Breast Cancer Awareness

October 2020 Promo
Spend more save more! Take between $10 - $100 off your order of available Amber, Clear, and Purple PET Bottles & Jars during the month of October and contribute toward breast cancer awareness. Read more to get the code!
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Product Replacement - Blue PET Straight Sided Jars09/18/20

Product Replacement - Blue PET Straight Sided Jars

Packaging Information
Our 16 oz blue PET straight sided jars have been replaced with a new jar, which is nearly identical to the old, except for a slight change in the weight, neck threading, and rim. Please see the updated spec information below for more details.

All affected kits are linked in the Related Products section at the bottom of the page.
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Alternatives for Backordered Items09/11/20

Alternatives for Backordered Items

Packaging Information
SKS is dedicated to providing quality packaging options for our customers. Given the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our manufacturing partners have experienced an increase in demand, which, in turn, has affected our stock. In order to replenish our inventory and ensure supply continuity, we have begun sourcing containers and closures from other suppliers in addition to the stock we already bring in.

All additional stock is carefully considered before being added to our inventory to verify that it is compatible with the same container and/or closure options as our current stock. New stock numbers are created for these items, but they are comparable in appearance and offer the same features. Please contact our Customer Care team for questions or assistance with your order if needed.
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Aromatherapy Containers09/01/20

Aromatherapy Containers

September 2020 Newsletter
SKS offers a large assortment of plastic and glass aromatherapy supplies, ideal for packaging essential oils, perfumes, and many other aromatherapy products.
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