Sample and Travel Size Containers

Sample and Travel Size Containers

SKS Bottle and Packaging offers plastic, glass, metal, and paperboard sample size and travel size containers in a wide variety of styles to match any product line. Offering samples to existing and new customers can allow them to experience your product before buying, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Sample sizes are also perfect for specialty items, including gift sets and hotel amenity collections.

All of the sample size containers listed are available in a 3 oz capacity or smaller to provide adequate sample packaging that also follows TSA regulations for easier traveling. Purchase in-stock plastic bags to conveniently package and sell various travel size containers or gift sets. Choose sample size containers with plastic or metal caps and various dispensing caps to create a full coordinated set.

Glass Sample Size Vials

Clear and amber glass sample size vials are paired with plastic caps, fine mist sprayers, glass bulb droppers, and more to help showcase samples, such as perfume, essential oils, and body care products, and can blend seamlessly into complete product lines.

Sample Size Glass Jars

Sample size glass jars in clear, amber, and frosted styles, with metal or plastic caps, are versatile for storing food, body care products, and nutraceuticals. They add a durable and luxurious touch to product samples, gift sets, and hotel amenities.

Plastic Bags for Sample Size Containers

Select from clear plastic zipper bags in vinyl and eco-friendly options when creating a set of hotel amenities, gift sets within a product line, or preparing TSA-approved travel size containers. This unique gift set packaging option includes zippers for secure storage.

Glass Sample Size Bottles

Browse the large selection of amber, clear, frosted, green, and blue glass sample size bottles paired with a variety of closures. These sample size containers offer an elegant option for packaging gift sets, product samples, promotional or seasonal products, and more.

Paperboard Sample Size Containers

Paperboard tubes present an eco-friendly packaging choice for samples and travel size products. Paperboard tubes can provide packaging for sample size cosmetics, lip balm, travel size sunscreen, and more.

Plastic Sample Jars

SKS carries sample size plastic jars, ranging from 7 ml to 3 oz, in numerous styles, including cosmetic jars, heavy wall jars, straight sided jars, and more, paired with plastic and metal caps.

Plastic Sample Size Bottles

Plastic sample size bottles can easily be used to expand product lines for a range of industries to create hotel amenities, travel size sets, and product collections in the same styles as our full size plastic bottles.

Plastic Sample Size Vials

Clear, natural, and opaque plastic sample vials can be used to package hotel amenities, product samples, and gift sets. These vials are composed of highly durable plastics and feature secure lids.

Metal Sample Size Containers

Select from a variety of metal sample size containers, including metal tins and aluminum sample bottles with dispensing caps. Consider metal tins, to create eye-catching sample packaging for a wide range of products.

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