Glass Jars by Size

Glass Jars by Size

1 oz Glass Jars

Choose 1 oz glass jars in styles including cosmetic jars, straight sided jars, jelly jars, and more.

2 oz Glass Jars

2 oz glass jars in clear, amber, and frosted colors are available in styles that can present your products in a professional and eye-catching way.

4 oz Glass Jars

Browse the selection of 4 oz glass jars in various styles and colors to match your packaging needs.

6 oz & 7 oz Glass Jars

SKS offers 6 oz and 7 oz glass jars in styles frequently used for candles, preserves, honey, spices, and more.

8 oz Glass Jars

8 oz clear, frosted, and amber glass jars are highly versatile, stylish, and durable for use with a wide variety of products.

9 oz & 12 oz Glass Jars

9 and 12 oz clear glass jars are available in hexagon, straight sided, and square glass styles paired with plastisol lined metal caps for food products, and additional styles.

16 oz & 32 oz Glass Jars

Select 16 oz and 32 oz clear glass jars in mason jar, straight sided, and additional styles.

Specialty Glass Jar Sizes

Shop for specialty glass jars in unique sizes and styles, including cosmetic jars, jelly jars, and more.

SKS Glass Jars

At SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc., we offer a wide range of glass jars in different sizes to suit your product packaging needs. Our collection includes small, medium, and large-sized glass jars, ranging from .25 oz to 32 oz, depending on your needs. Our glass jars are made from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. Our glass jars come in various styles and shapes, including straight sided, square, and hexagon, making them suitable for use in various industries, including cosmetics, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. We understand that product packaging plays a crucial role in product branding and marketing, and that's why we offer a vast selection of glass jars in different sizes to help you create a unique and distinctive look for your products.

For a full cohesive product line when offering products such as foods, cosmetics, aromatherapy and much more, be sure to purchase glass bottles and glass vials to complement your glass jars.

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