Product Spotlight - Metal & Glass Candle Containers

Candles are a wonderful accent for home decor that help to create a relaxing atmosphere in any room. SKS offers metal and glass candle containers in a variety of colors and sizes to showcase candles of all types and scents.

Glass Candle Containers

Clear and frosted glass candle containers provide an attractive packaging choice for creating a product line of soy candles, aromatic pour candles, tealights, and more. The clear glass showcases the colors of the candles and can be used as a home decor accent. Choose from square, round, and frosted glass containers for a variety of options to fit your style.

Metal Candle Containers

Metal candle containers are available in a range of styles with features for making a visually appealing and durable line of candles. Choose from round, square, silver, and gold metal candle containers with matching lids.

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