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Product Spotlight - Metal & Glass Candle Containers

Product Spotlight - Metal & Glass Candle Containers

Candles are a wonderful home decor accent that help to create a relaxing atmosphere in any room. SKS offers metal and glass candle containers in a variety of colors and sizes to showcase candles of all types and scents.

Glass Candle Jars

Glass Candle JarsSKS offers three unique styles of glass candle jars that come with glass fitment lids to seal candles when not in use. Glass lids contain rigid plastic fitments allowing them to fit the jar securely. They also feature thick tapered tops for easy opening and closing. The glass fitment lids are compatible with a variety of glass candle jar styles and sizes.

Glass Candle JarsRound glass candle jars with fitment lids have broad bases that taper slightly upward, promoting sturdy placement and ample air flow. Available in 4.5 oz, 12.25 oz, and 27 oz sizes, these glass jars fit a variety of candle sizes to create sets or large displays. SKS also offers column style clear glass candle jars with fitment lids in 2.75 oz, 8 oz, and 12.5 oz sizes. The straight sided glass candle jars feature thick, flared bases, which pair well with the matching glass closures. Combining features of the tapered and column style candle jars, is the 12 oz glass candle jars with fitment lids, which could be used to showcase a variety of soy, beeswax, and layered candle products.

Glass Candle Jars Clear glass candle jars are also available without lids in several styles and sizes. Clear glass square candle jars have thick walls and bases to reduce the external temperature. The 7.5 oz square candle jars could be used for pour candles, or small votives and tea lights.

Opt for the round glass candle jars for a simplistic style which nicely highlights the natural appearance of any candle. Available in a 3 oz size, these glass candle jars can be used for pour candles or as candle holders. Thick, sturdy bases provide stability and help to prevent damage to surfaces.

In 7 oz and 9 oz sizes are the glass candle jars with curved body's and thick sturdy bases, which offer a sleek, modern aesthetic. Lastly, opt for the frosted glass candle jars, available in a 7.75 oz capacity, and feature a finish that makes them both stand out on the shelves and provide a warm candlelit glow.

Metal Candle Tins

Metal Candle TinsFooted metal candle tins, composed of tinplated steel, are specifically designed for packaging candles. Each footed candle tin has three embossed feet that lift the tins 1 mm from the surface to increase airflow. Each tin comes with a slipcover lid making for easy storage and transportation.

Deep metal candle tins with rolled edge covers are available in 1 oz to 16 oz sizes. These tins work well for packaging sample sets, full size candles, and more.

Gold metal candle tins with matching rolled edge covers are identical to our versatile silver tinplated steel tins, but with a gold finish. Select between 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz sizes, and pair with labels to further brand your product.

Metal Candle Tins Opt for tins with clear covers to properly house your candle line while also highlighting its natural aesthetic. The clear cover offers a great display for gift baskets or combination sets, and is a good selling feature for store shelves! Choose from square and round metal candle tins with matching clear top covers. The windows of the lids are composed of APET plastic, offering high clarity to view contents. All of the candle tins are recyclable, and can be used to package eco-friendly candles. To learn some eco-friendly candle making practices, check out Candlemaking the Natural Way, by Rebecca Ittner.

SKS features product information and videos for glass candle jars and metal candle tins. It is highly recommended that you test your products with the selected packaging to ensure compatibility.

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