Product Spotlight - Glass Candle Jars

Clear & Frosted Glass Candle Jars

Clear and frosted glass candle containers provide an attractive packaging choice for creating a product line of soy candles, aromatic pour candles, tealights, and more. The clear glass showcases the colors of the candles and can be used as a home decor accent. Choose from square, round, and frosted glass containers for a variety of options to fit your style.

Glass Candle Packaging

Column style candle jars include fitment lids for packaging soy, beeswax, and layered candle products. The glass lids seal candles when not in use, helping to preserve the aromatic strength of your candles. The glass lids feature thick tapered tops for easy opening and closing and contain rigid plastic fitments, allowing them to fit securely by creating friction against the glass candle jars without scratching or damaging the jars.

Clear glass candle jars are also available without lids in several styles and sizes. Clear glass square candle jars have thick walls and bases to reduce the external temperature. Opt for round glass candle jars for a simplistic style to highlight the natural appearance of any candle. Frosted glass candle jars feature a finish that makes them stand out on shelves. All of the glass candle jars include thick, sturdy bases that provide stability and help to prevent damage to surfaces. Browse our candle jar index for even more glass candle container options.

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