SKS Bottle Product Sample Program

Sample Order Terms and Conditions

SKS now offers free product samples online through a convenient sample ordering process! Just pay a small shipping fee, and we will send you samples of up to 3 unique items, so you can try them out before placing a larger order! Read below to find out how it works and for more info on the terms and conditions of our sample order program.

How to Order Product Samples

Start by locating the product you would like to request a sample of. Samples can be added to the cart from any Product Detail page on our site. You can find these pages by:
  • Using the site search
  • Drilling down to a specific stock number from a product group page
  • Clicking on a specific stock number on any of our Industry Index landing pages

On the Product Detail page, click the Order a Sample button to add a sample item to your cart. You will see a success message directly below this button when the sample has been added. Proceed to the shopping cart page and click Checkout to complete your order.


The following conditions apply to our sample order program:
  • You may order up to 3 sample items per order
  • Only 1 sample of each unique item
  • Items on closeout cannot be ordered as samples
  • Not all items on our site can be ordered as samples. Certain items that cannot be sampled, such as equipment, will not display the sample order button on their product pages.
  • You can only order samples of each item on our site one time. If you need to reorder more samples of an item that you have already received, contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

Shipping Charges

If you are ordering only samples without any other full cases, you will be charged a small shipping fee based on the individual weights of your sample items, to cover the cost of processing and shipment. As always, you can select expedited shipping methods as well, or Free Customer Pickup when conditions are met.

If your order contains full cases of other items in addition to your samples, no additional shipping charge will be added on for the samples.

If you are a member of our Customer Loyalty Program, sample orders will always ship free of charge! Click here to sign up for our Loyalty program, and for more information.

Sample Order Followup

When you place a sample order, you are agreeing to receive further communications from SKS on your sample items. We will send you an email a few days after you received your order to follow up and see if you need any further assistance or additional samples.

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