Plastic Bottles By Size

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Plastic Bottles By Size

Know exactly what size of plastic bottles you would like to purchase, but aren't sure which style best complements your products? SKS offers the Plastic Bottles By Size index, where you can narrow down our extensive inventory of plastic bottles to the size that fits your needs. Browse through an extensive range of sizes from 1/2 oz small plastic bottles, to large plastic bottles in a 16 oz size.


1/2 oz Plastic Bottles

Offer small amounts of your product in style with 1/2 oz plastic bottles, including boston round bottles, dropper bottles, cylinders, and more.

1 oz Plastic Bottles

Browse small 1 oz plastic bottles in a broad spectrum of colors and styles perfect for travel or sample sized products.

2 oz Plastic Bottles

2 oz plastic bottles are available in various styles, including boston round bottles, ovals, and cosmo rounds.

4 Oz Plastic Bottles

SKS offers an extensive inventory of 4 oz plastic bottles including boston round bottles, tottles, cosmo round bottles, ovals, and more.

6 oz Plastic Bottles

SKS offers clear 6 oz cosmo round bottles, ovals and specialty shaped bottles with various closures and dispensing caps

8 oz Plastic Bottles

Choose from our our collection of 8 oz plastic bottles, including PET boston round bottles, cosmo round bottles, and more.

12 oz Plastic Bottles

Our 12 oz plastic bottles collection includes sauce bottles, squeezable condiment containers, beverage bottles, and cosmo and boston round bottles with dispensing caps.

16 oz Plastic Bottles

Select from our comprehensive range of large 16 oz plastic bottles to package hair care and body care products, cleaning supplies, restaurant supplies, and much more.

Other Plastic Bottle Sizes

Browse through this index to find wide mouth packer bottles, foamer bottles with foaming pumps, dropper bottles, and more.

Plastic Bottles By Size

Browse through our broad inventory of plastic bottles by size above, from small 1 oz bottles for product samples and travel sized options, to large 16 oz bottles for larger quantities of product. Read helpful information and creative ideas below to make the most out of your packaging!

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