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Product Spotlight - Amenity Bottles

Product Spotlight - Amenity Bottles

The Hotel Amenity Container industry has expanded and gained significance in recent years. Hotels and other facilities are seeking unique custom packaging options for their amenity products, looking to brand their businesses with a distinct appeal. Complimentary amenity products, when offered in the bathrooms of hotels, bed and breakfasts and other destinations, can lead to an overall positive and welcoming experience for your guests. SKS has a wide assortment of convenient hotel amenity bottles that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, even once they have traveled home and their stay at your hotel has ended.

Hotel Amenities

In-room amenities are a great way to welcome your guests and ensure that they enjoy their stay at your hotel. Do you have a small-scale product line, but still want to raise awareness of your brand? It is common for small local chain hotels, bed and breakfasts and similar venues to work with local businesses to source their amenity lines. High quality locally produced amenities can complement a hotel's one of a kind charm, and may promote the possibilities of returning guests and positive reviews. The hotel amenity containers that SKS has to offer include many options compliant with the TSA carry-on restrictions for air travel so that guests can enjoy the room amenities such as lotion or mouthwash on the plane ride home without the hassle.

Clear PET Amenity Bottles

SKS has five clear PET plastic amenity bottles that could be used to package many different products, including hand sanitizer, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Sharp looking tombstone shaped amenity bottles are similar in design to the rectangular amenity bottles, but feature rounded edges. Tombstone style amenity containers could unify your amenity product line while highlighting slight differences between the products packaged inside. Try using these rectangular amenity bottles to package bath salts, aftershave, mouthwash and much more.

For a round shaped hotel amenity container, you can choose from modern round or cosmo round amenity bottles, each composed of clear PET plastic. The modern round amenity bottles are sold in a 1 oz and 1.5 oz sizes. Modern round bottles are similar in appearance to our standard boston round bottles, but with a few distinctions, such as a wider diameter, a rounded shoulder area, and smaller neck opening. The cosmo round amenity bottles are taller and more slender in design, but still have soft rounded edges. This bottle style is often used to package shampoo and conditioner. They could also be used to provide a small energy shot for the jet lagged guest, or a bubble bath serum for a relaxing night after traveling.

PET Slim Line Cylinder Amenity Bottles

If you are looking to enhance your hotel amenity line with some color, SKS offers sleek 1 oz slim line cylinder amenity bottles in an array of bright colors including

Each option is available with various dispensing caps and some with black dome caps. Utilizing different colored amenity containers could allow distinction between different scents, product types, or men's and women's products.
PET Slim Line Cylinder Amenity Bottles

Polypropylene Mini Cylinder Amenity Bottles

These small plastic amenity bottles with sprayers could be used to house product that is to be applied by misting, such as breath fresheners, perfume and static remover.

The frosted natural mini cylinder amenity bottles are sold with natural fine mist sprayers, including over caps that help to prevent accidental discharge when not in use.

The frosted appearance of the mini cylinders offers a translucence that allows some of the product color to show through, which can be appealing when accented by label decorations.
Polypropylene Mini Cylinder Amenity Bottles

HDPE Tottle Bottles

Natural HDPE 1/2 oz and 1 oz tottle amenity bottles and white HDPE tottles in the 2 oz size could be included in your amenity line to package squeezable items such as lotion, sunscreen, body gel or hand sanitizer.

The tops of the tottle bottles have loops that could allow guests to hang these bottles in the shower or tie them to a backpack while visiting.

White HDPE tottles in 1/2, and 1 oz with snap top caps for travel amenities provide dispensing with ease.

HDPE plastic is semi-flexible, offers a good resistance to chemicals, and features excellent moisture barrier properties, offering versatility to package many products.
HDPE Tottle Bottles

Although the hotel amenity containers in this product spotlight are small in size, their impact could be significant and positive for your business. Whether you are currently in the amenity product industry or are thinking of expanding your product line, be sure to check out our great amenity container options!

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