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SKS Bottle & Packaging 30th Anniversary

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Plastic Bottles, Cosmo Rounds

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  • Boston Round Plastic Bottles
  • Cosmo Round Plastic Bottles
  • Oval Plastic Bottles
  • Cylinder Plastic Bottles
  • Pharmaceutical Rounds
  • Woozy Plastic Bottles
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  • Plastic Jugs

The cosmo round plastic bottles offer an elegant rounded shoulder design extruding straight down to a round base. Varying in colors from purple, blue, green, amber, black and clear, the cosmo rounds are offered in many sizes from 1 oz to 16 oz. Adding different closures such as disc top caps, lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers, and red dome caps enables the cosmo round bottles to have many uses for multiple products. Click on any image below for more product information as well as to purchase any of the listed items.

Clear Cosmo RoundsClear Cosmo Rounds

Cosmo Round Plastic Bottles

The cosmo bottles have nice, smooth curved tops with even sides and flat bottom. Cosmo bottles are available with closures packaging in kits or may be purchase in bulk and closures purchased separately.

Saturday 22 July, 2017