Glass Bottles by Size

From 5 ml to 1.75 liters, SKS Bottle and Packaging offers glass bottles in an extensive range of sizes to package body care products, hotel amenities, restaurant supplies, and much more. Our glass bottle by size index assists you in locating the glass bottle sizes that fit your needs the best. Choose from glass boston in various sizes and a wide selection of colors and styles to package a full product line.

5 ml & 10 ml Glass Bottles

SKS offers 5 ml and 10 ml glass bottles in various colors in the euro dropper bottle style with dispensing closures.

15 ml & 1/2 oz Glass Bottles

Purchase 15 ml and 1/2 oz small glass bottles in various styles, including euro dropper bottles and boston round bottles.

30 ml & 1 oz Glass Bottles

Choose 1 oz and 30 ml glass bottles in vibrant colors with dispensing caps or plastic caps for a wide range of products.

50 ml & 100 ml Glass Bottles

Choose from 50 ml and 100 ml glass spice bottles, euro dropper bottles, and flasks with closures designed to dispense products easily.

2 oz Glass Bottles

Choose from a selection of 2 oz glass bottles in a variety of colors paired with fine mist sprayers, treatment pumps, bulb glass droppers, and more.

4 oz Glass Bottles

SKS provides 4 oz glass bottles in various colors and matched with a variety of closures to package body care products, spa supplies, hair and beard care serums, and much more.

8 oz Glass Bottles

8 oz glass bottles are available in styles, including salad dressing bottles, syrup bottles, boston round bottles, and much more.

12 oz Glass Bottles

Browse clear 12 oz glass bottles in styles that include syrup bottles, sauce bottles, beverage bottles, and more.

16 oz Glass Bottles

16 oz clear and amber glass bottles could showcase various products, including home cleaners, food products, and much more.

Other Glass Bottle Sizes

For unique sizes and styles, browse the specialty glass bottle index, including growlers, perfume bottles, liquor bottles, pharmaceutical rounds, and more.

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