Packaging Equipment and Tools

SKS now offers a variety of equipment useful in the packaging, sealing and labeling of your product. Visit the links below to find the latest information on our digital scales, filling machines, induction sealing equipment, label dispensers and heat guns. If there is other equipment you would find useful to package your product and would like to see added to our website, contact us.

Filling Machines

If you need to fill 100 or 10,000 containers the omnispense filling machine makes quick work of it. The omnispense uses minimal workspace standing only 15" high and 12" wide.

Heat Guns

Try our new professional heat gun for your packaging needs. This heat gun quickly shrinks your bands snugly around the closure or bottle.

Enercon Induction Sealers

The new Super Seal™ Jr. is small, compact and light, but powerful enough to handle virtually all of your induction cap sealing jobs.

Label Dispensers

Our label dispensers are a trouble free low cost way of affixing pressure sensitive labels.

Plastic Bag Sealers

The plastic bag sealer is perfect for a multitude of packaging applications with exceptional air and watertight seals.

Plastic Bags

Available in a variety of sizes, the clear polyethylene plastic bags are a great way to package multiple products.

Press Assembly Machines

Purchase universal pneumatic press assembly machines to accurately and seamlessly seal compatible child resistant sprayers.

Digital Scales

Our digital scales offer weighing and counting options suitable for laboratory, industrial or food service industries.

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