Product Spotlight - Metal Candle Tins

Metal Candle Tin Packaging

Metal candle containers are available in a range of styles with features for making a visually appealing and durable line of candles. Choose from round, square, silver, and gold metal candle containers with matching lids.

Candle Tin Packaging

All of SKS' metal tins are composed of tin-plated steel. For additional information on their composition, read our metal tins spotlight. Each candle tin style includes slipcover lids, making for secure storage and transportation, while also preserving the scent of the wax.

Footed metal candle tins are specifically designed for packaging candles. Each footed candle tin has three embossed feet that lift the tins 1 mm from the surface to increase airflow.

Deep metal candle tins work well for packaging sample sets, full size candles, and more. Gold metal candle tins with matching rolled edge covers are identical to our deep metal candle tins, but with a gold finish. Watch our metal tin video for more information on these styles!

Candle tins with clear covers offer an excellent display for gift baskets or combination sets, and look great on store shelves. Choose from square and round metal candle tins with matching clear top covers. The windows of the lids are composed of APET plastic, which features high clarity.

All of the candle tins are recyclable, making them a top choice when creating eco-friendly candles. Be sure to test these metal candle tins with your product and process to ensure complete compatibility.

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