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Product Spotlight - Metal Tins

SKS stocks metal tins in an array of styles and sizes to package a variety of products from cosmetics, candies and mints, to storage and shipping. These durable, high quality metal tins offer versatility and a clean, polished aesthetic.

Tin Plated Steel

The metal tins carried by SKS are composed of tin plated steel which offers many benefits. Opting for tins made from tin plated steel could help to increase the shelf life of a product, and provide substantial barriers against water, odors, gases and light. Tin plated steel tins are also one of the easiest types of containers to recycle.

Tin plated steel starts as sheets of steel, which the manufacturer covers with thin layers of tin. Reasons why tin a great packaging choice:

  1. Tin has high corrosion resistance
  2. Considered one of the top 50 most abundant elements in the earth\'s crust, and can be found in many different ores.
  3. Plating with tin is less expensive than plating with other metals, which keeps the final cost of the material and packaging lower.
  4. The FDA approves tin for use in the food industry.

Seamless Metal Tins

Seamless Metal TinsThere are four styles of seamless metal tins including flat, deep, footed and clear top. Seamless means that the metal tin's body is constructed from one piece of tin plated steel, with no seams on the bottom or sides of the tin body. Because of this, the metal tins have no rough edges, less weak points (which could lead to leakage), and can be decorated with ease.

Seamless tins can include convex beads and matching metal covers with rolled edges. A convex bead is a design feature built into the seamless metal tins for added strength and stability, located on the metal tins at the point where the rims of the covers will sit when closed.

The rolled edge covers paired with these seamless metal tins are also composed of tin plated steel. Their rims feature rolled edges, making them smoother and safer. There are two different types of rolled edged covers including embossed (raised) and debossed (indented).

Flat metal tins are structured to have shorter heights and wider diameters. The wide diameters allow for a greater surface area, which could be useful when packaging products such as lip balms, salves, dry toothpaste and polishes. The tins could be stacked for storage or easily packaged together as a set. The flat metal tins come in seven sizes, with three sizes featuring the embossed (raised) cover, and four showcasing the debossed (indented) cover. For additional information about these flat metal tins, be sure to watch our metal tins video.

Deep metal tins are available in silver and gold. The gold deep metal tins are composed of tin plated steel, which is then decorated with a gold colored finish. The silver and gold deep metal tins are taller, with smaller bases. The silver deep metal tins are available in sizes from 1 oz to 16 oz, which allows for packaging of many products within a single product line. The taller sides of these deep metal tins in silver and gold could possibly package powdered cosmetics, candles and solid lotions.

Footed Metal TinsFooted metal tins are very similar to the deep metal tins, but they include an additional feature that is useful for the handling and packaging of candles. The footed metal tins are sold in a 6 oz size with embossed rolled edge covers. The footed metal tins include three feet molded into the metal tin bottoms. These feet raise the tins 1 mm off of the surface, allowing for constant air circulation, helping to keep the tins cool while in use.

For additional ideas involving these deep metal tins, watch our metal tins video now.

The final seamless metal tin option is the round or square metal tins with clear top covers. The clear top or window of the lids is composed of APET plastic. APET has all the characteristics of PET with added thickness and less flexibility. The windows are both sturdy and crystal clear, which allows for easy consumer visibility. Round or square metal tins with clear top covers could be a great choice when packaging bright colored bath salts and spices.

Metal Tea Tins

SKS has 8 oz and 16 oz cylindrical metal tea tins with interior seal lids. The metal tea tins have welded vertical and bottom seams. The interior seal lids sit flush with the tea tin containers when closed for a sleek, finished look. The interior seals are composed of LDPE plastic, and are formed to fit tightly within the necks of the metal tea tins.

You could possibly use them to packaging loose leaf teas and a variety of spices. Additionally, they could be used as a way to package and ship jewelry, cosmetics and accessories. Be sure to test these metal tins with your products to confirm compatibility.
Metal Tea Tins

Hinge Top Metal Tins

Hinge top metal tins feature attached lids for the convenient packaging of an array of products. The two sizes offered could pair well with mints, gum, herbs or seeds. The flat surfaces of the hinge top metal tins allow for prominent labeling and branding of a product line.
Hinge Top Metal Tins

Slide Top Metal Tins

Slide top metal tins are functional packaging options for a variation of products. The slide top tins and matching lids have grooves built into their sides for simple opening and closing of the tins. The locking indentation allows the slide top tins to remain closed until opened for use. Compatible shrink bands are available for both sizes of the slide top tins for an easy and inexpensive tamper evident solution.
Slide Top Metal Tins

Screw Top Metal Tins

If you prefer tin plated steel metal tins with screw tops, SKS has three sizes available. Each size has a debossed lid and continuous threading on both the metal tin and lid for a secure fit.

SKS offers aluminum screw top tins in five sizes. These are "Email For Quote" screw top tins which means they have high minimums. If you are interested in these aluminum screw top tins, contact a customer service representative for further assistance.
Screw Top Metal Tins

With so many tin options, SKS is happy to supply to a variety of industries. Be sure to contact us for any additional information you may need or samples for testing!

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