Product Spotlight - Food Packaging Metal Tins

Metal Tins for Food Packaging

When packaging food products, such as loose leaf organic tea, fresh mints, or even CBD infused candies, SKS has just the metal tins to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of metal tins with clear top windows, or tins with secure interior seals, that showcase your product in a functional and stylish way.

Silver Metal Tins for Food Products

Round and square metal tins with clear top covers can be a great choice when packaging colorful products, like candy. The clear tops allow the products inside to be viewed before purchasing. The window of the lids is composed of APET plastic, which has all the characteristics of PET with added thickness and less flexibility. The windows are both sturdy and crystal clear, which allows for easy consumer visibility.

Both styles of clear top metal tins can be paired with clear shrink bands to create an outer tamper evident seal, which can increase customer comfort when purchasing food products.

Cylindrical metal tea tins include metal lids with interior seals and offer useful features when packaging food products. The slender metal tea tins have welded vertical and bottom seams and offer packaging possibilities for products, like dry tea, spices, and more. The interior seals are composed of LDPE plastic and are formed to fit tightly within the necks of the metal tea tins. The interior seal lids sit flush with the tea tin containers when closed for a sleek finish.

Hinge top metal tins feature attached lids for conveniently packaging of an array of products, such as mints, gum, herbs or seeds. The flat surfaces of the two hinge top metal tin sizes allow for prominent labeling and branding of a product line.

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