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Deep Metal Tins for Candle Packaging

SKS carries metal tins that offer a stylish look when packaging a variety of candles, including scented soy candles, insect repelling candles, and more. Deep metal tins offer a useful packaging choice that is impact resistant and durable compared to glass containers. The smooth sides and matching caps also leave many options in terms of branding and styling.

Candle Metal Tins

Deep metal tins are available in silver and gold. These deep tins are tall and provide a suitable container for pour candles or tea light holders. The gold deep metal tins are composed of tin-plated steel, which is decorated with a stylish gold colored finish. The silver deep metal tins are available in sizes ranging from 1 oz to 16 oz, and are great for packaging a range of candle sizes for gift sets or a full product line.

Footed metal tins are very similar to the deep metal tins, but feature three feet molded into the tin bottoms. These feet raise the tins 1 mm and allow for constant air circulation, helping to keep the tins cool when a candle is lit. The footed metal tins are sold in various sizes with embossed rolled edge covers for easy storage.

For additional ideas involving these deep metal tins, watch our metal tins video. Ready to create your own candles or try new sizes and styles for an existing product line? Be sure to test these metal tins before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

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