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Product Spotlight - Clear Glass Mason Jars

Product Spotlight - Clear Glass Mason Jars

Clear glass mason jars are one of the most popular and well known jar styles in the food industry. SKS has mason jars available with a variety of metal caps to properly house and highlight your product.

Why Choose Clear Glass Mason Jars

Why Choose Clear Glass Mason JarsGlass mason jars were patented in 1958 by John Landis Mason, with the intention of preserving food throughout the year without refrigeration. Since then, mason jars have increased in popularity and are now commonly used in many industries.

Mason jars are favored for many reasons:
  • Glass mason jars are reusable and recyclable, allowing for multiple uses without loss of quality.
  • The round base and square body is easy to fill, and compact, for easy storage on shelves.
  • Glass mason jars feature thick walls, and have a sturdy base construction composed of flint glass. The glass is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and approved by the FDA.
  • The jars design allows for easy cleaning.

Clear Glass Mason Jars

Clear Glass Mason Jars
SKS offers clear glass mason jars in 16 oz and 25 oz sizes with a 70G neck finish. The word "Mason" is embossed on all four sides of the glass jar, while measurements are embossed along the body on two of the four sides. This leaves two sides for custom decoration.

Choose to buy as shown in bulk, or opt for the variety of kits we stock, pairing the glass mason jars with a variety of cap options as outlined below.

Clear Glass Mason Jars Clear glass mason jars are available paired with plastisol lined metal caps in various colors for preserving, canning, and vacuum sealing. Plastisol lined metal caps have flexible and malleable PVC liners. Liners should be heated to the recommended temperature to soften the pliable rings. Screw the plastisol lined metal caps onto the mason jars to start the sealing process. As the liners cool, the plastisol material solidifies and creates a hermetic seal. Hermetic seals are airtight, tamper evident, and extend the shelf life of packaged products. Choose from white, black, gold, and silver plastisol lined metal caps to pair with your selection of glass mason jars.

Clear Glass Mason JarsTry SKS' two piece plastisol lined metal caps, offered in silver or gold. The two piece caps are used for the same purpose the single piece caps are, and they perform in the same way. The inner lids contain the plastisol liner which creates a hermetic seal once in place, while the outer lids screw tightly onto the mason jars, encapsulating both pieces on top of the jars.

The two piece lids, however, can be partially re-used. The inner lid piece contains the liner. Once that is used and broken it cannot be re-sealed. The threaded band piece, however, can be can be paired with a new inner lid and re-used.

Clear Glass Mason Jars
When plastisol lined metal caps aren't necessary, choose bronze or pewter unlined metal caps paired with our clear glass mason jars. The bronze unlined metal caps showcase a modern matte finish that provide product lines with a classic, old fashion style.

For a lighter option, the pewter unlined metal caps are silver in color with a matte finish for a softer appearance. Both the bronze and pewter unlined metal caps feature an antique design with thin embossed scratches along the rim of the lid to create a seasoned look.

When displaying your products in glass mason jars with lined or unlined metal caps, be sure to test thoroughly to confirm compatibility. Contact our helpful customer service department for assistance in finding even more mason jar options!

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