Product Replacement - 120 cc White HDPE Pharmaceutical Rounds

The 120 cc white HDPE pharmaceutical rounds have been replaced with a new bottle. Please see the updated spec information below for more details.

All affected kits are linked in the Related Products section at the bottom of the page.

Original Item

Stock #: 01530120.02S


Gram Weight: 15.4 g
Neck Thread: Small threading overlap

Neck Ring: Flat and angular

Base: More flat

Finish: Slight shine to matte
Stature: Wider and shorter

New Item

Stock #:  01530120.03S


Gram Weight:  14.0 g
Neck Thread:  Large threading overlap

Neck Ring:  Rounded and smooth

Base:  Rounded

Finish:  No shine to matte
Stature:  Taller and slimmer

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