Product Spotlight - UV Resistant Food Packaging

Food Containers with UV Protection

Incorrect food packaging practices can lead to photodegradation, the alteration of materials by light. In terms of food products, this may mean advanced spoilage and reduced freshness. To maintain the look and taste profile of your delicious kitchen pantry items, teas, or cooking ingredients, consider amber glass bottles and metal tins in various unique styles with light blocking properties.

Amber Glass Food Packaging

SKS offers elegant, high end amber glass bottles in food packaging styles that also provide high integrity and durability. Amber glass is impermeable which helps to preserve flavors, recyclable to help reduce waste, and a top choice in UV protective packaging. Another substantial benefit of amber glass bottles is the FDA approval of amber glass as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). This means that the glass containers will not negatively impact theb products within through alteration of taste, color, or odor. Your fresh, delicious food products within will remain as you created them throughout storage when packaged in amber glass bottles, continually providing a good experience for your customers.

These amber glass bottles could be used to package extracts, food additives, and cooking oils. The variety of dispensing options available provides options for distribution in small amounts to easily follow recipes with less chance of spilling and waste.

Amber glass Euro dropper bottles provide small capacity options from 5 ml up to 100 ml. The Euro dropper bottles include black tamper evident caps with orifice reducers for dispensing highly concentrated extracts and food colorings. Also, choose amber glass jugs for cold brew coffee or homebrewed beers in capacities of 32 oz and 64 oz.

Metal Food Packaging

Suggested packaging and storage guidelines for for loose leaf tea involve dark, cool places with limited sunlight exposure. Choosing metal tea tins helps to block out light and maintain freshness. Choose silver metal tea tins with lids for a cylindrical, sleek style that can be stored easily in the kitchen. The compatible metal lids include inner pliable plastic rings for a more secure fit with the silver tea tins. All of our metal tins are composed of tin plated steel which has a high resistance to corrosion, smooth texture, and helps to increase shelf life.
  • Advantages of Metal Food Packaging:
  • Lightweight and impact resistant
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Opaque for high UV protection

Metal containers could also be a good choice when packaging food products such as appetizing samples and candy. Silver round deep metal tins with rolled covers provide a fully opaque packing choice in sizes 1 oz up to 16 oz, with the option of added shrink bands to present a tamper evident seal. For metal tins that could store candy while on the go or in gift sets, opt for hinge top or slide top tins, eliminating the risk of losing the lids.

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