Product Spotlight - UV Resistant Containers for Hair Care Products

Hair Care Packaging with UV Protection

Hair care products, often containing light sensitive ingredients including vitamins, oil blends and more, can benefit from packaging with UV protection. Choose from plastic and glass containers in vibrant amber, blue, and green colors for a dynamic style with effective UV barriers for your line of hair care products.

Amber Plastic & Glass Hair Care Containers w/ UV Protection

Amber glass bottles are offered in styles such as pharm round and boston round with various closures to provide the most convenient application for your customers. The glass bottle options below could be used to package hair serums, leave in conditioners, hair growth formulas and more!Amber Glass Bottles with UV Protection
For additional shape options, consider packaging your hair care products in versatile amber plastic bottles. Amber plastic ovals with black bulb glass droppers could be used to package and dispense scalp oils and other hair treatments. For hair styling products, try our amber plastic boston round bottles with black mini trigger sprayers, cosmo rounds with black fine mist sprayers, and boston round bottles with treatment pumps. These dispensing choices work well for hair care products in the consistencies of gels, creams, and conditioners.

Amber glass jars could provide an enhanced, high end look for hair care products, while maintaining effective UV barriers to protect light senstive compounds. These glass jars could be a good packaging option for thicker hair care products such as scalp care creams, argan oils and coconut oils.

Storing hair care products in amber plastic jars is also an aesthetic choice. Choose amber plastic straight sided or heavy wall jars to help hair care products such as hair masks, hair treatments, and styling gels stand out on store and salon shelves! Active ingredients in hair care products can react differently to our UV resistant packaging selections. Be sure to test your products thoroughly to ensure complete compatibility.

Blue Plastic & Glass Hair Care Containers w/ UV Protection

Blue glass bottles could provide a rich and elegant packaging appearance for UV sensitive hair care products. Blue glass boston round bottles are available in sizes from 1/2 oz up to 8 oz, many with matching dispensing closures. Choose these glass bottles with white fine mist sprayers, white bulb glass droppers, or lotion pumps to effortlessly dispense hair care products in a range of viscosities.

Vibrant blue plastic bottles are also available in a range of styles with UV protection packaging for a full line of hair care products.

For hair balms, scalp creams, and more, choosing blue plastic jars can be a stylish and versatile choice. Blue plastic jars in the straight sided, heavy wall, and square styles provide effective UV barriers and durability during shipment and customer use.

Green Plastic & Glass Hair Care Containers w/ UV Protection

Green glass and plastic containers could offer effective packaging for hair care products designed for beard maintenance. Incoprorating UV protection into your packaging choice can be important for beard care products due to active ingredients that enrich, strengthen, and soften the hair. Beard care products can include beard oils, balms, conditioners, serums and more.

Beard oils including essential oils can be packaged in green glass euro dropper bottles with black tamper evident bulb glass droppers. For beard serums and other conditioners, consider green plastic bottles in assorted styles with dispensing closures.
Green plastic jars are available in 1/2 oz up to 16 oz sizes for packaging beard maintenance products including beard balms, hair straightening creams, and more. Choose green plastic jars with black plastic caps or silver aluminum caps for use with green plastic and glass bottles for a full dynamic hair care product line offering UV protection for long term storage and use.

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