Product Spotlight - UV Resistant Plastic Containers for Skin Care Products

Skin Care Packaging with UV Protection

Our semi-transparent amber, blue, and green plastic containers are a popular choice in skin care packaging with UV protection. Skin care products include lotions, face creams, soothing remedies, and much more. Choosing UV resistant plastic containers can help to reduce the oxidation and degradation of ingredients including folic acid, hydrocortisone, vitamin B, vitamin C, and retinol. Select from a wide variety of glass and plastic packaging options with UV protection to create a full skin care product line!

UV Resistant Amber Plastic Skin Care Containers

For skin care products with cream-like viscosities such as sunscreens, lotions, and soothing topicals, SKS offers amber plastic bottles to fit your packaging needs. The deep, vibrant amber color is versatile for both men's and women's product lines and can be paired with various closure options to create a full cohesive look.

Amber plastic jars come in straight sided styles and heavy wall styles for products that could include vitamin enriched body butters and anti aging face creams. The seven different sizes allow you to offer the capacities customers most favor when purchasing your products. Choose amber plastic straight sided jars for samples sizes in 1/2 oz, and 1 oz or full packaging sizes up to 12 oz and 16 oz with black caps or silver aluminum caps.

Heavy wall jars in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes have a wider opening for easier application to the face and body. Pair amber heavy wall jars with black frosted caps or white dome caps for an eye catching appearance that is sure to stand out on store shelves.

UV Resistant Green Plastic Skin Care Containers

Green plastic bottles and jars offer a high end soft emerald appearance in styles that can easily dispense a wide range of skin care products. Choose the appropriate dispensing closure by testing the viscosity of your product, with the customer's application in mind.
Straight sided green plastic jars are available, offering tall walls and a sturdy base requiring minimal shelf space. From 1/2 oz sizes up to 16 oz, these green plastic jars could provide UV protection for body butters, and skin care creams. With a selection of black smooth caps, aluminum caps, and white plastic caps, green plastic jars can be easily paired with green plastic bottles for a full line of skin care packaging with reliable UV protection for your products.

UV Resistant Blue Plastic Skin Care Containers

Our striking blue plastic bottles and jars provide UV protection and a stylish, modern look for a variety of skin care products. The semi transparent finish allows customers to see how much product is remaining for prompt reordering. With practicality and style in mind, SKS offers a selection of plastic bottle shapes in blue plastic.
In blue plastic jars, three unique styles offer UV resistant container options. Round blue plastic jars are available in straight sided and heavy wall styles in several convenient sizes.

Blue straight sided jars produce a tall appearance for your products, offering ample labeling areas and a glimpse of the skin care products within. With a range of 1/2 oz to 16 oz, these blue straight sided jars with black smooth caps could cohesively package a full line of light sensitive skin care products with ease. In a low profile style, opt for blue heavy wall jars with silver smooth caps. The combination of silver and blue could create a high end style, while protecting products such as lotion bars and face masks.
  • Blue Plastic Jar Highlights:
  • Durable construction
  • Wide openings for easy filling and application
  • Large variety of sizes and three style choices

For a unique shape, blue plastic square jars come in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz sizes with a variety of caps. Black smooth caps with PS22 liners pair well with the blue plastic square jars for a reliable, professional seal on the neck of the jars. Printed on these liners is the text "Sealed for Your Protection". After removing the caps, the seal remains on the square jars and can be removed by peeling off. You can also pair these blue plastic jars with silver plastic or aluminum caps for a shiny, eye catching look.

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