Product Spotlight - UV Resistant Aromatherapy Containers

Essential Oils Containers with UV Protection

Essential oils are frequently packaged in amber, green, and blue glass bottles to protect their light sensitive compounds. SKS offers glass euro dropper bottles, boston round bottles, and roll on containers in these vibrant, dynamic colors. These UV resistant containers choices include plastic caps to assist in dispensing, ensuring a smooth application for customers.

Glass Euro Dropper Essential Oil Bottles with UV Protection

  • Highlights:
  • Range of convenient sizes
  • Compatibility with tamper evident closures
  • Eye catching color choices

Euro dropper bottles available in green, amber, and blue glass create effective UV barriers for light sensitive oils, helping to maintain the potency and scents of your unique concentrates and blends. Amber glass euro dropper bottles are available in sizes from 5 ml to 100 ml, and the blue or green euro dropper bottles from 5 ml to 50 ml capacities. The black child resistant, and white or black tamper evident caps include dropper inserts that cleanly provide an accurate and consistent volume of essential oils.
    • Tamper evident caps:
    • Composed of HDPE plastic
    • Included orifice with 1 mm diameter
    • Ribbed for easy gripping

    The black tamper evident bulb glass droppers compatible with UV resistant amber, green, and blue glass euro dropper bottles provide an alternative dispensing option for aromatherapy products. The bulb glass droppers include rubber stoppers, polypropylene tamper evident caps, and glass droppers making them useful when essential oils and aromatherapy blends should not come into direct contact with plastic components.

Glass Boston Round Aromatherapy Bottles with UV Protection

Amber and blue glass boston round bottles, with effective UV barriers, come in a variety of sizes and cap choices. These eye-catching glass bottles also offer impermeability and durability, assisting in the long term storage of essential oils and aromatherapy blends. Boston round bottles provide ample labeling space to list the ingredients of your blend and showcase your brand for customer recognition.

Glass Roll On Essential Oil Bottles with UV Protection

UV Resistant Essential Oil Roll On ContainersGlass roll on bottles can be filled with essential oil blends for application to the wrist, neck, and other locations, providing calming, relaxing, and rejuvenating effects. Choose from a selection of UV resistant amber, frosted blue, and frosted green glass roll on bottles with a range of colored polypropylene threaded caps to match. Select different cap colors to distinguish between blends for a cohesive line of essential oils in durable UV resistant packaging to protect your aromatherapy blends.
  • Highlights:
  • Smooth rolling application
  • Small capacity works well for travel sizes
  • Purchase in full sets with all needed components

Glass Vials for Essential Oils with UV Protection

Small glass vials in amber, green, and blue offer reliable UV protection for smaller capacities, sample sizes or concentrates of essential oils. Incorporating UV protection into your aromatherapy packaging allows for use outdoors or on the go with a reduced risk of photooxidation or changes to light sensitive compounds.
  • UV Resistant Glass Vial Sizes:
  • Amber glass vials in 1/3 dram to 8 dram
  • Green & blue glass vials in 5/8 dram and 1 dram

Amber, green, and blue glass vials paired with black phenolic caps also include orifice reducers to precisely control the volume of essential oils while dispensing. Orifice reducers fit snugly into place in the necks of glass vials, reducing the diameter of the vials to minimize spilling and over administering, especially important when selling high valued and potent essential oils. For an alternative dispensing method with amber, green, and blue glass vials, purchase them paired with black bulb glass droppers attached to ribbed plastic caps.

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