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Product Spotlight - PE-F217 Lined Caps

Product Spotlight - PE-F217 Lined Caps

It's very important to consider all of your options when choosing the right cap liner for your products. SKS offers various caps with PE-F217 liners. PE-F217 is a universal liner type that is used in an array of industries to keep products fresh on store shelves. Check out our wide selection of metal and plastic caps with PE-F217 liners when creating your product line!

PE-F217 Liners

PE-F217 Liners
PE-F217 liners have multiple layers that remain in the caps during use. The top and bottom layers of the PE-F217 liners are composed of solid low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with a low-density foam core (F217) in the middle, creating a liner that is compatible with many products for long term use. PE-F217 liners provide excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics, and aqueous products. They also offer low moisture transmission rates, odor resistance, and have adequate taste resistance.

Many PE-F217 lined plastic caps are composed of polypropylene, a stable, easy to mold, and chemically resistant plastic. Polypropylene plastic has high impact strength and a naturally smooth, slightly shiny surface without added deco applications.

Smooth Plastic PE-F217 Lined Caps

Smooth PE-F217 Lined Plastic Caps
Smooth plastic PE-F217 lined caps are available in various sizes and styles of white, black, silver, and pink plastic. These F217 lined caps can be used for products packaged in a variety of compatible plastic and glass bottles and jars. Choose white or black PE-F217 lined dome caps for an elevated look when used with compatible jars.

Smooth PE-F217 Lined Plastic Caps

Smooth white plastic PE-F217 lined caps are available in sizes ranging from 20/410 to 100/400 and provide a clean, tasteful look. The smooth black PE-F217 lined plastic caps are also offered in sizes from 20/410 to 100/400. Consider the frosted option for a unique look when packaging body care products and cosmetics in jars.

Smooth PE-F217 Lined Plastic CapsSKS also offers two styles of smooth black PE-F217 lined caps composed of phenolic plastic. These plastic caps feature a shape that is inflexible after molding, as well as a high end sheen and texture. Select from three sizes of our smooth black PE-F217 phenolic caps or purchase them with clear glass cosmetic jars as a dynamic and elegant packaging choice. The deep skirted smooth black PE-F217 lined phenolic caps provide the same high end appearance, but with a taller neck height. Clear straight sided jars could showcase your products beautifully when paired with these black phenolic caps.

Smooth PE-F217 Lined Plastic CapsWhen looking for a little added flair, choose smooth silver or pink plastic PE-F217 lined caps, with the same structure and benefits as the white and black options. The smooth silver PE-F217 lined caps come in several sizes with a shiny, metallic finish. For packaging cosmetics opt for matte silver and silver ABS PE-F217 lined plastic caps, compatible with SKS' line of styrene plastic cosmetic jars. Smooth pink PE-F217 lined caps are available in a 33/400 neck finish and pair well with matching pink polypropylene or clear PET plastic jars to showcase products such as lip colors and face creams.

Ribbed Plastic PE-F217 Lined Caps

Ribbed PE-F217 Lined Plastic Caps
and white ribbed PE-F217 lined caps range in size from 15 mm to 120 mm. These plastic caps are compatible with an assortment of containers. The ribbed texture allows for easy gripping for quick and easy opening and closing. Pair white and black ribbed PE-F217 lined caps together within product lines to differentiate between products while maintaining cohesion.

For a touch of color, opt for red and gold plastic ribbed PE-F217 lined caps to showcase vibrant sauces and marinades. Available in a 24/414 neck finish, these plastic caps feature a slightly taller height making them compatible with select plastic and glass bottles for a secure fit.

Ribbed PE-F217 Lined Plastic CapsSKS carries white and black ribbed child resistant PE-F217 lined plastic caps. Choose black or white child resistant caps featuring an illustration with instructions for removing the caps. Alternatively choose white child resistant caps which show written instructions on the top. To open either of the child resistant caps, firmly press down and turn. These secure caps could be used to safely house pharmaceuticals, medical marijuana, supplements, and more.

Metal PE-F217 Lined Caps

Metal PE-F217 Lined Caps
Silver aluminum PE-F217 lined caps add a dash of style to small bottles, wide mouth jars and everything in between. Composed of no rust, 100% recyclable aluminum, these silver metal caps are an excellent packaging choice for your products. Be sure to test shipping and transportation methods with the aluminum metal caps as they are composed of a more malleable material.

While PE-F217 liners are frequently used with many products, SKS always suggests fully testing your products with the selected caps and containers to ensure compatibility. If you have any further questions regarding PE-F217 liners be sure to visit our informative Help/Info pages!

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