Product Spotlight - Smooth PE Lined Caps

Smooth Plastic Caps for Cosmetics

Smooth plastic PE lined caps are available in various sizes and styles to package a range of cosmetics and more. These PE lined caps are compatible with plastic and glass bottles and jars for creating a full product line with ease.

Smooth Plastic PE Lined Caps

Plastic dome caps are a top choice for packaging cosmetics and body care products. They provide a stylish look, while offering the same durability and strength as straight sided plastic caps. For products such as face creams and lotions, white double wall jars with white dome caps and cosmetic disc liners have a high end appeal that also provides strong barriers for your products.

SKS offers a range of polypropylene plastic caps with PE liners for packaging cosmetics, such as eyeshadow, blush, and concealers. These plastic caps match well with stylish clear polystyrene jars, with or without the addition of sifter caps to assist customers in applying their new cosmetics with ease.

When looking to package body care products, cosmetics, and more, smooth PE lined caps are available in an array of neck finishes ranging from 20/410 up to 100/400 to match with a large variety of containers. These black caps pair well with glass and plastic containers including small glass cosmetic jars, clear cosmo ovals, and eco friendly PCR black jars to create a product line that matches your aesthetic.

Elegant, brightly colored caps paired with a variety of stylish jars are a great way to show off your cosmetic lines. SKS offers pink, silver, and white smooth plastic caps with PE liners that could be paired with frosted plastic jars to showcase facial masks, glass cosmetic jars with colorful lip balms, cosmo round bottles holding eye creams, or heavy wall jars containing body scrubs. Colored or white plastic caps add a bit of flair to your packaging and can be used to stylishly distinguish between different product lines.

It's easy to create a full line of cosmetics with such a wide variety of smooth plastic PE lined caps! Browse our cosmetic industry index for even more ideas and packaging options to make SKS your one stop place for all of your packaging needs.

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