Product Spotlight - Ribbed PE Lined Caps

Ribbed Plastic and Metal Caps for Packaging Food Products

Ribbed plastic and metal caps include PE liners for packaging a range of food products that could consist of hot sauces, dressings, food spreads, and much more. The durable PE liners provide an added barrier while the ribbed feature assists customers in opening and closing your delicious products!

Food Packaging with Ribbed PE Lined Caps

White ribbed PE lined caps come in a variety of sizes that can be matched with both small plastic bottles for food samples, and large glass jars for storing ingredients securely. The white ribbed plastic caps include smooth tops for labeling containers with product and expiration date information to keep your customers alert to the freshness of your products. Select from the neck finish sizes below to match your glass and plastic containers to these useful plastic caps.

Black ribbed PE lined matte plastic caps are the perfect size to match with salad dressing bottles or barbecue sauce bottles. PE liners provide additional moisture barriers to keep products fresh and top quality for customers to enjoy. SKS offers several neck finish sizes for black caps with PE liners. Browse the options below to match these caps with the neck finish of your preferred bottles.

When looking to add a touch of color to your product line, SKS offers red and gold and silver metal PE lined caps. Red and gold plastic caps come in a 24/414 neck finish with a slightly taller height making them ideal to pair with hot sauce and condiment bottles. The two color choices could be used to distinguish between flavors, or to match the caps with your brand. Composed of no rust, 100% recyclable aluminum, silver metal caps are an excellent packaging choice for your products. Be sure to test shipping and transportation methods with the aluminum metal caps as they are composed of a more malleable material.

For packaging products such as hemp protein powders or homeopathic blends that are crafted for consumption, but should be kept out of the reach of children, SKS offers ribbed child resistant caps with PE liners. These child resistant caps meet government regulations and provide a ribbed side for easy opening with engraved instructions. While PE liners are a commonly used seal, SKS always suggests fully testing your products with the selected caps and containers to ensure compatibility.

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