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Product Spotlight - LDPE Bottles

Product Spotlight - LDPE Bottles

LDPE bottles are highly flexible, with excellent barrier properties to keep your products safe, making them ideal containers for eye drops, e-fluids, and much more.

LDPE Properties

LDPE stands for Low-Density Polyethylene and is one of the most common plastics used in packaging. LDPE plastic has excellent flexibility, making it ideal for products that need to be dispensed without the use of sprayers or pumps. This flexibility allows the plastic bottles to be squeezed effortlessly, packed tightly, or dropped without stress cracks or breakage. LDPE bottles also provide a good moisture barrier and resistances against acids, greases, oils, alcohols, bases, esters, and ketones. SKS provides a variety of LDPE bottles paired with dispensing and non-dispensing caps to fit your packaging needs!
LDPE Properties

LDPE Plastic Boston Round Bottles

LDPE boston round bottlesLDPE plastic boston round bottles are available in many sizes to easily package a full product line or provide individual sizing options for an endless number of products. The 1 oz to 16 oz LDPE plastic boston rounds have standard neck finishes, ranging from 15 mm to 28 mm, that are compatible with an array of dispensing and non-dispensing caps. Consider natural LDPE round bottles with twist top caps to package bright tattoo inks or adhesives, or opt for white flip top spout caps for products such as hair care products and lotions.

LDPE plastic boston round bottles with black ribbed caps could be used for a line of amenity bottles or for samples of lotion, shampoo, or body wash. Additionally, LDPE plastic boston round bottles have become popular for the packaging of E-liquids and CBD products. Since child resistant caps are required for these product lines, SKS has natural LDPE plastic boston round bottles with controlled LDPE dropper plugs and colored child resistant dropper tip caps. Choose from the various colors to match flavors, potency levels, or scents.

In smaller capacities, LDPE plastic dropper bottles are available with dispensing caps that allow for accurate droplet applications. White LDPE plastic dropper bottles are available in sizes ranging from 3 cc to 15 cc and are sold with white LDPE dropper tip plugs and white polypropylene ribbed dropper tip caps. This kit produces controlled drops with each squeeze of the bottle for products such as eye drops, over the counter medications, and breath fresheners. The 15 cc white LDPE plastic dropper bottles are also available with white child resistant dropper tip caps as an additional level of security for your products.

natural LDPE dropper bottles SKS carries two styles of natural LDPE dropper bottles. These natural LDPE plastic dropper bottles have natural LDPE controlled dropper tip plugs and natural polypro dropper tip caps. The second option provides a different style of dispensing that could be beneficial when applying strong adhesives or chemical compounds.

The natural LDPE plastic dropper bottles are sold in 5 ml to 30 ml sizes and feature a specialized neck finish. The specialized neck is compatible with white and black polypropylene caps with thin dropper tip inserts that have a thin tip streaming design. The thin tip is helpful when dispensing in a precise manner. These caps are child resistant and tamper evident. Child resistant caps will require you to push down and turn the caps to open. Be sure to give our extensive line of LDPE plastic boston round bottles a try with your products!

LDPE Plastic Cylinder Bottles

LDPE Cylinder bottlesLDPE plastic cylinder bottles come in a translucent natural color, and are designed with a tall, slim style when compared with the shorter, rounder boston round bottles. Pair the LDPE plastic cylinder bottles with long tip spout caps to dispense sauces, condiments, or syrups. The .030 pre-holed orifice creates a stream of product for easy dispensing as the bottle is gently squeezed.

Choose LDPE plastic cylinder bottles with natural twist top caps for convenient dispensing. The twist top caps can be twisted up to dispense, and then twisted back down to close and store. These LDPE plastic bottles offer smooth dispensing, as well as decorative labeling spaces for your product information and logo.

Also available are 1/2 oz LDPE plastic cylinder bottles with white child resistant dropper tip caps and controlled dropper tip plugs. This set could be used to package pharmaceuticals or homeopathic remedies that should be kept out of the reach of children.

LDPE Plastic Oval Bottles

LDPE Oval BottlesLDPE plastic oval bottles are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Their oval shape retains the standard flexibility of LDPE plastic bottles, while also providing large front and back label decoration panels. Pair LDPE plastic oval bottles with twist top caps to package paints, glitters, and other crafting materials.

When matched with natural streaming dropper tip plugs, LDPE plastic oval bottles provide the same stream control as smaller LDPE plastic dropper bottles, but for broader needs such as liquid adhesives and home improvement supplies. The LDPE plastic oval bottles have higher capacities than the LDPE plastic dropper bottles, while maintaining the same versatility.

If your product could be dispensed more effectively in larger volumes, consider LDPE plastic oval bottles with flip top spout caps. The flip top spout caps are composed of LDPE and have a larger 3.0 mm orifice opening for dispensing. The spout can be flipped up when in use, and pressed down after use to close the LDPE plastic bottles, to prevent spillage during storage or transport.

LDPE Bottle Combo Kits

LDPE Bottle Combo Kits
Sometimes you need a variety of sizes in smaller quantities to fill your inventory. That's why SKS offers combo kits for purchase! White and black/natural twist tip caps are composed of LDPE and can dispense a variety of products with ease. The turning mechanism in these caps allows product to be dispensed without removal of the caps, so the plastic bottles remain closed and loss of the caps is prevented. SKS has paired the twist top caps with LDPE boston round and cylinder bottles in combo kits. Purchase one combo kit and receive 24 caps and 24 LDPE plastic bottles, 6 in each size of 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes.

When choosing the right packaging and dispensing options for your products, be sure to check our full LDPE Plastic Bottles index!

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