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Product Spotlight - LDPE Bottles

Product Spotlight - LDPE Bottles

LDPE Plastic Bottles with Dispensing Closures for Pharmaceutical Packaging

SKS has a selection of LDPE bottles that could be used for packaging pharmaceutical products, like liquid medications, first aid remedies, and more. LDPE plastic bottles have high flexibility and durability allowing for easy use and can withstand daily use in hospitals, private practices, and schools.

LDPE Bottles with Dropper Tips

SKS offers a range of LDPE bottles in various capacities with dropper tip plugs and caps for dispensing in small doses. Choose from dropper tip plugs that offer streaming or controlled dispensing to match your application needs. The streaming dropper tips provide a small, direct stream of product when the LDPE bottles are squeezed. Natural or white controlled dropper tip plugs with rounded tops are available in three sizes. The 8 mm size dispenses 42 uL per drop, while the 13 mm and 15 mm sizes dispense 40 uL per drop.

These durable LDPE bottles are easy to label and could be used for packaging pharmaceutical products, such as eye drops, ear drops, nasal rinses, and more. LDPE bottles are useful for pharmaceuticals due to their high flexibility, even at smaller capacities, allowing for highly concentrated liquids to be easily packaged and dispensed. SKS provides the options to match all of your OTC pharmaceutical needs with our full range of LDPE bottles.

LDPE Bottles with Snap Top Caps

SKS offers LDPE bottles with snap top caps for secure dispensing and storage of first aid products, including antiseptics, anti-itch lotions, hand sanitizer, burn gel, and more. Snap top caps are composed of polypropylene plastic for long term use without loss of quality or functionality. Unlined snap top caps are available in white and black and are compatible with LDPE plastic bottles in a range of sizes. Each 20/410 size cap has a .125" opening diameter, while the 24/410 size caps feature an orifice that is .25" in diameter.

LDPE bottles could be a top choice when packaging first aid kits for personal use at home, when traveling, or for creating carts of commonly used products for medical offices. Ranging from 1 oz to 8 oz sizes, these plastic bottles with snap top caps are impact resistant and highly durable for ease of use in a range of applications. SKS encourages testing all of your pharmaceutical packaging selections to ensure complete compatibility.

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