Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Packaging

Child resistant packaging is recommended and often required in industries including CBD, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical, and chemical/industrial products. SKS offers glass and plastic child resistant packaging options to provide a versatile selection of sizes and styles, while adhering to regulations and promoting safety.

Child Resistant Packaging for CBD Products

When packaging products within the CBD industry providing child resistant packaging for a range of products has many benefits. SKS offers a wide range of effective child resistant packaging solutions in both glass and plastic, providing versatility for the CBD industry.
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Child Resistant Packaging For Nutritional Supplements

SKS carries a wide range of child-resistant packaging that could be ideal for both tablet and liquid supplements. Choose from dropper bottles to accurately dispense liquid supplements, or PET bottles with child resistant caps in a variety of shapes for pill form supplements. Browse a wide selection of child resistant packaging options to safely package a full line of supplements for customers of all types.

Child Resistant Packaging For Pharmaceuticals

SKS has a wide range of functional and attractive child resistant packaging options for the pharmaceutical industry, including the highly recognizable pharm round style, as well as many other unique choices. Package pills and tablets conveniently and securely in our glass and plastic bottles with child resistant caps.

Child Resistant Packaging For Chemicals & Household Cleaners

Child resistant packaging is crucial when packaging chemical and industrial products that are commonly stored in the home, including household cleaners, detergents and solvents. SKS has a variety of bottles with secure child resistant caps to safely store cleaning supplies in both small and large volumes.

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