Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Packaging for Medical Marijuana Products

Child Resistant Cannabis Containers

When packaging products within the medical marijuana industry providing child resistant packaging for a range of products has many benefits. SKS offers a wide range of effective child resistant packaging solutions in both glass and plastic, providing versatility for the cannabis industry.

Child Resistant Vials for Medical Marijuana Products

Durable semi-transparent polypropylene child resistant vials are a great option for medical marijuana packaging due to their various features. Their child resistant hinged cap ensures that young children cannot accidentally open them. Additionally, the pop top design makes them easy for adults to access, while also providing secure protection against spills and exposure.

The variety of sizes can accommodate different types of medical marijuana products, and they are easy to label, lightweight, and portable. The 13 dram child resistant vials feature embossed "Squeeze" text on their tops, with a double sided arrow pointing to two small ridges for opening. In the larger 19 dram and 30 dram sizes, the same embossed double sided arrows and small ridges are included with the words "Squeeze Sides Below Cap" on the vial lids.

The moisture resistant nature of polypropylene plastic also ensures that the contents of the vials are protected from humidity and moisture damage. Finally, these vials are compliant with state regulations for child resistant packaging, making them a safe and legal option for medical marijuana packaging.

Child Resistant Bottles for Medical Marijuana Products

Plastic child resistant bottles are a popular option for medical marijuana packaging due to their effectiveness at preventing children from accessing potentially harmful substances. These plastic bottles feature a locking mechanism that requires pressure and dexterity to open, making them difficult for young children to open.

Theplastic bottles made from durable PET, which can withstand the rigors of transportation and storage. Many plastic child resistant bottles are also airtight, which helps to preserve the freshness and potency of the contents.

The bottles come in various sizes, styles, and colors to accommodate different types of cannabis products and are lightweight and portable, making them convenient for on-the-go use. Overall, PET plastic child resistant bottles are a safe and reliable option for medical marijuana packaging.

Glass Child Resistant Packaging for Medical Marijuana Products

When glass is the preferred packaging material, an assortment of child resistant glass bottles and jars are available, designed for the Medical Marijuana industry. Amber glass jars with black child resistant caps could be an effective option for cannabis products in various forms. The amber glass child resistant jars provide UV protection for light sensitive products in a high end style that can be easily labeled.

For marijuana tinctures and liquid concentrates, SKS offers boston round glass bottles with white or black child resistant bulb glass droppers. We also stock glass bottles with child resistant graduated glass droppers printed in quarter ml increments to ensure accurate dispensing. The child resistant droppers dispense liquid cannabis oils in droplet form for direct dosing or to be mixed with food and beverages.

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