Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

Child Resistant Pharmaceutical Containers

Pharmaceutical is a term used to describe a compound manufactured for medicinal purposes such as fighting infection, illness, or relieving pain. SKS offers child resistant packaging for the pharmaceutical industry in the highly recognizable pharm round style, as well as other unique and functional options for over the counter pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical Round Bottles w/ Child Resistant Caps

  • Highlights:
  • Classic, highly recognizable shape
  • Induction liner cap options
  • Large range of sizes
  • Wide mouth opening

White HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles are available in a wide range of sizes to provide various dosing options for your customers. How many tablets will fit in the pharm rounds? Pharmaceutical round bottles and other containers are labeled in liquid measurements, so this question is best answered through thorough testing. The unique size and shape of your tablets will determine how many can fit into each container.

The white HDPE pharm round bottles can be paired with either F217 lined white child resistant caps or HS035F universal induction lined white child resistant caps. The induction lined child resistant caps require an induction sealing machine and provide a tamper evident, hermetic seal that is commonly found on packaging for OTC pharmaceutical products in grocery stores and pharmacies.

For additional size and color options, SKS also offers "pallet quantity" PET pharm round bottles. These plastic bottles are available in five sizes and can be purchased in clear, amber, blue, black, and white. Contact our customer service department for a customized quote if you are interested in these options.

Plastic Cylinders w/ Child Resistant Caps for Pharmaceuticals

  • Highlights:
  • Range of colors available
  • Popular dispensing options
  • Durable construction

Slim line cylinders are tall, slender plastic bottles with ample labeling space for product information and instructions. Available with child resistant black bulb droppers in clear, amber, blue, green, and black, these cylinders could make a great packaging choice for pharmaceuticals. The bulb glass droppers allow liquid form pharmaceuticals to be administered orally or added to drinks for easier consumption.

White HDPE roll on cylinders include natural balls and white child resistant caps for an alternative application method. The roll on cylinders assist in applying skin rash and irritant relief or highly formulated antiperspirants.

Glass Bottles w/ Child Resistant Caps for Pharmaceuticals

  • Highlights:
  • High-end style
  • Amber glass provides UV protection
  • Variety of capacities

Glass child resistant packaging choices for pharmaceuticals include amber glass bottles with black child resistant caps or frosted boston round bottles with white child resistant bulb glass droppers. The amber glass bottles with black child resistant caps are available in 1 oz to 16 oz sizes, allowing for greater flexibility in dosing sizes. Amber glass protects light sensitive formulas from UV rays for extended storage in the glass bottles.

Frosted glass boston round bottles with white child resistant glass droppers are a stylish choice with semi-transparency that can be eye catching on store shelves.

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