Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Packaging for Supplements

Child Resistant Supplement Containers

SKS carries a broad range of child resistant packaging suitable for both tablet and liquid form supplements. Choose from classic pharm rounds bottles or PET squares with child resistant caps for tablets, or convenient dropper bottles to accurately and precisely dispense liquid vitamins and supplements.

LDPE Dropper Bottles w/ Child Resistant Caps for Supplements

  • Highlights:
  • High flexibility
  • Accurately dispenses small doses
  • Tamper evident options

SKS has a variety of child resistant packaging options for liquid supplements in both natural and white plastic. Dropper tip plugs are sold in sets with white ribbed child resistant caps and are compatible with natural cylinders, white dropper bottles, and larger sized natural bottles. With natural dropper bottles, child resistant caps are available in various colors to distinguish between different blends of liquid supplements.

Natural dropper bottles with either white or black child resistant caps are paired with thin streaming dropper tip plugs for a multi-featured packaging choice. The child resistant dropper caps include tamper evident rings to visually indicate when the dropper bottles have been opened after filling. The thin streaming dropper tips create a continuous flow of product less than 1 mm wide for accurate application.

Round PET Bottles w/ Child Resistant Caps for Supplements

  • Highlights:
  • Impact resistance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Variety of closure options

PET is a practical material choice for supplement bottles. SKS offers durable white PET cosmo round bottles with white child resistant glass droppers that provide accurate and reliable dosing for supplements. These plastic bottles feature a tall, slender shape with a labeling area to display product information and detailed usage instructions.

Choose clear PET wide mouth rounds with black or white child resistant caps for a wider based option when packaging supplement tablets. These plastic bottles provide a high level of clarity to display products and help customers to know when they are running low. Supplements can be stored effectively in PET bottles due to its moisture and oxygen barriers. PET bottles are also easily recyclable.

Square PET Bottles w/ Child Resistant Caps for Supplements

  • Highlights:
  • Unique shape
  • Wide mouth openings
  • Colored options provide UV protection

These clear, white, and amber PET square bottles could provide ideal child resistant packaging for vitamins and supplements. Their unique, square shape offers ample labeling space to place detailed instructions and ingredients on the back, while presenting an eye catching logo and design on the front. The wide, round openings are compatible with universal picture child resistant caps and allow tablets of many shapes and sizes to be dispensed with ease.

The white and amber square bottles with child resistant caps offer the added benefit of UV protection for light sensitive products. UV protection assists in keeping supplement compounds fresh and extending the shelf life of your product.

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