Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Packaging for Chemicals & Cleaners

Child Resistant Chemical & Industrial Containers

Cleaning supplies with effective germ, dirt, and odor fighting compounds can be extremely harmful to children, making child resistance an essential feature in the chemical and industrial industry. SKS offers a variety of child resistant packaging options that could be used to safely and efficiently store industrial chemicals and household cleaning supplies in small or large volumes.

Household Cleaner Jugs w/ Child Resistant Caps

  • Highlights:
  • Popular, recognizable styles
  • Range of convenient sizes
  • Built-in handles
  • Indented labeling panels

Natural HDPE round jugs with white child resistant caps are built to be sturdy for continuous use, with handles at their neck to control pouring. These plastic jugs feature indented labeling areas to easily display all necessary custom logos, directions and safety information.

The F-style jugs include rectangular molded handles for comfort during pouring and transportation. The indented label panels provide front, back, and side panel labeling, and also accomodate around labels.

White F-style jugs are available in 16 oz and 32 oz sizes, for packaging of smaller volumes of cleaners, such as concentrates and outdoor care. In a larger capacity, the 1 gallon natural F-style jugs with white child resistant caps are available, and could be used to package bulk and refill quantities of cleaner.

Household Cleaner Jugs w/ Snap Lok Child Resistant Caps

  • Highlights:
  • Easy transportation and storage
  • Induction lined caps
  • High dexterity opening

For additional protection, choose natural F-style jugs with white Snap-Lok child resistant caps, including .035" FS-Pulp/PE induction liners. To open the Snap-Lok child resistant caps, start by pressing down, as with other child resistant caps. The added presser installed on the caps must then bypass the tabs built into the plastic jugs. This action provides an added layer of child resistance and may be useful when packaging particularly toxic cleaning formuas

The FS-Pulp/PE induction liners are multilayered induction liners that seal to the tops of the jugs when activated by induction sealing machines. The PE layer remains adhered to the caps, keeping the liner in. place during extended use, even after initial opening.

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