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Tips & Tricks for Successful Label Dispensing

Automatic label dispensers make it easier for you to stream-line your packaging and labeling needs. TheDispensa-matic U-45 is designed for most labels up to 4 1/2" width, and up to 9" in diameter. The Dispensa-matic U-60 can accommodate labels up to 6" width, and 9" in diameter. Vinyl, acetate, foil, or other very thin stock may require a sharp edge plate, which can be provided when requested. These dispensers are designed for standard 110-volt power sources, but can be furnished with 220-volt (50hz) motor and European plugs if requested. Both models are designed to dispense up to 11" per second.

  • Step 1

    First, place the two retainer plates on either side of the 3" core of your roll of labels, slide the roll onto the roll holding rod, and then tighten the set collar for proper alignment.

  • Step 2

    Next, pull back the micro-switch trigger and feed the labels in between the rod and plate.

  • Step 3

    Next, with about 5" or more of carrier paper attach the leader to the take-up spool by pulling the clip off of the spool and then pushing on with the leader under clip, which will engage the leader.

  • Step 4

    Last, position the micro-switch trigger to shut off the motor as the tip of the label emerges from the rod and plate. Be careful not to allow the label to dispense too far, because it may fall of the web or continue down through the leader.

  • Step 5

    Once your labels are in place and the micro-switch trigger is adjusted to the proper dispensing length you're ready to turn your Dispensa-matic on and begin labeling.

    As your take-up spool becomes periodically filled you'll want to remove any excess carrier paper waste. We don't recommend pulling out the spring clip from the take-up spool when the waste is wound around it. To remove waste, first, turn the power off and rotate the roll of waste counter-clockwise on the take-up spool; therefore, reversing its winding direction and loosening the winding. Once the paper is sufficiently loose, pull the waste away from and off the take-up spool until the spring clip is exposed and free, and then remove the spring clip and balance of waste.

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