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Tips & Tricks for Successful Bag Sealing

Using an impulse plastic bag heat sealer is an easy and an ideal way to seal your products. An impulse sealer helps ensure freshness and prevent leakage with an exceptional air and watertight seal. In this tutorial we'll demonstrate how to use AIE's impulse bag sealer and provide some simple tips for maintaining a consistent and effective seal. Click the image to the right for a more detailed diagram of the impulse sealer's parts.

Setting the timer:

  • Use a higher number for thicker material.
  • Use a lower number if the seal burns through the bag.
  • If the bag sticks to the silicon rubber just give it more cooling time.
  • Once you set the time the machine will remain constant.

Impulse sealer maintenance:
  • Be sure to always keep the sealing platform clean. Leaving residue will reduce the life of the element, teflon, and silicon rubber.
  • Never use moisture to clean the sealing surface.
  • Replace torn teflon at once, because a torn cloth will damage the element. Every time you replace the element, replace the lower and upper teflon cloth.
  • For best operation, use only genuine replacement parts.
  • Change the silicon when worn or burned.
  • Always unplug the machine when servicing.

  • Step 1

    Plug the impulse sealer into an AC adapted outlet. It is important to note that the machine will only operate when it's arm is depressed, otherwise no power is consumed.

  • Step 2

    Start by setting the sealer's timer to your desired sealing time (please check your sealer's manual for individually recommended sealing times).

  • Step 3

    Fill your bag with your desired product and spread the open end of the bag that you'd like to seal across the impulse sealer's teflon rim. For a consistent and desirable seal make sure that the bag has none, or the least amount of ripples.

  • Step 4

    Close and press the impulse sealer's hinged arm to activate the heater and it's timer.

  • Step 5

    Open the impulse sealer's arm and slowly remove your bag from the sealer's rim. If the bag is sticking to the sealer's rim then you'll want to lower the heating timer.

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