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Tips & Tricks for Using the Omnispense Automatic Filling Machine

  1. Raise the cover on the pump head and adjust the tubing clamps to your desired diameter, which should be provided with the manufacturer's packaging.

  2. Place the pump head on the mounting plate and twist the pump head clockwise until it clicks into place.
  3. Insert your tubing into the pump head between the pump head cover and the rollers. Close the pump head cover and make sure the tubing is not twisted.

  4. Plug both ends of the power line cord into an appropriate grounded power supply.

  5. It is important to calibrate the dispenser before setting up. You may use a graduated cylinder and the Volume Calibration button to measure and initialize an accurate amount. For best results, allow the pump head to turn at least 10 times. Once done, press STOP . Measure the dispensed amount, and enter the amount at the "Actual Volume" prompt. This also allows you to prime the tubing, which will ensure that the liquid flows completely through the tubing and there are no air bubbles.

  6. Press the SELECT button repeatedly until the pump menu appears. For best accuracy, enter the volume, delay time, pump count, speed, ramp speed, and motor direction for the specific application the Omnispense Plus will be used for. If you make a mistake press CLEAR , which restores the previous entry, and re-enter the data. Press ENTER when you're done.

  7. Enjoy the convenience and ease of your automatic filling machine!

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