Product Spotlight - PET Cosmo Round Bottles

SKS offers PET cosmo round bottles in a range of convenient sizes and vibrant colors to create full product lines of skin care products, hair care products, travel toiletries, and much more. Cosmo round bottles are versatile, durable, and compatible with a variety of dispensing and non-dispensing closures. When selecting your product packaging, cosmo round bottles offer features that can make your products easy to use, while standing out on store shelves. Be sure to read our cosmo round newsletter and watch a short video for a 360° glimpse!

Cosmo Round Bottles for Hair Care

Keep your customers looking their best with hair care products including styling products, hair dyes, scalp treatments and more. Choose from fine mist sprayers and other dispensing caps paired with cosmo round bottles for easy application and packaging with elevated style.

Cosmo Round Bottles for Skin Care

SKS has cosmo round bottles with disc top caps and lotion pumps for easy application for skin care products such as lotions, face creams, and more. Choose from an extensive range of colors and sizes to build a product line with a variety of skin care products.

Cosmo Round Bottles for Toiletries

When traveling for business or on vacation, travel size toiletries allow customers to take their personal care regiment on the go. Package your line of travel size toiletries in a variety of PET cosmo round bottles that meet TSA requirements with added style and convenience.

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