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Product Spotlight - PET Cosmo Round Bottles for Toiletries

Product Spotlight - PET Cosmo Round Bottles for Toiletries

Cosmo Round Bottles for Toiletries

While traveling for business or vacation, travel size toiletries allow customers to take their favorite personal care items on the go. During air travel, TSA regulations require carry-on toiletry containers to be less than 3.4 oz in size and packaged in reclosable bags. Package your line of toiletries in a variety of versatile cosmo round bottles to meet TSA requirements in a stylish way.

Travel Toiletries in Cosmo Round Bottles

Choose 1 oz and 2 oz cosmo round bottles in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing you to create a matching set of items including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and more. SKS also offers clear vinyl bags to package several cosmo round bottles at once for a complete set while traveling.

Our small capacity 2 oz cosmo round bottles are compatible with a wide variety of convenient dispensing caps to meet the needs of any travel size product. In a range of colors, pair these travel size plastic bottles with fine mist sprayers, treatment pumps, disc top caps, and more to conveniently apply and dispense toiletries.Cosmo Round Bottles

If you're looking for a smaller capacity, SKS also has 1 oz cosmo round bottles in clear, white, and various colors with threaded caps. These plastic bottles close tightly, reducing spillage during travel. The tall style of the cosmo round bottles allows for easy labeling to include your custom branding and important product details.

Toiletry Bags to Store Cosmo Round Bottles and More

SKS offers a selection of clear plastic toiletry bags that assist in packing cosmo round bottles in carry-ons, travel backpacks, gym bags, and more. These reclosable clear vinyl or hemp bags with zippers comply with TSA regulations when you fill them with travel bottles that are less than 3.4 oz in capacity. With choices in trim color, size, and handle style, you will effortlessly locate the right plastic bags to fit your branding.Cosmo Round Bottles

SKS makes it even easier to create travel kits! Choose from our packaged travel kits that include a clear vinyl bag with a range of TSA compliant travel size containers to fill with your products. For more toiletry packaging ideas be sure to take a look at our Hotel Amenity Containers index and informative product spotlight!

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