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Product Spotlight - White Plastic Bottles & Jars

Product Spotlight - White Plastic Bottles & Jars

SKS offers white plastic bottles and jars in various shapes and styles to provide a clean, crisp packaging option for cosmetics, hair care products, and much more.

PET & Polypropylene White Plastic Bottles

White PET & Polypropylene Plastic Bottles
White PET plastic bottles are available in many shapes and sizes for packaging body care products and cleansers.

PET has high impact resistance, offers good barriers against moisture and oxygen, and also has a high resistance to acid, grease, oils, cold, and heat, making it a good choice for packaging. Opaque colored PET bottles also have barriers to protect from UV rays and preserve the shelf lives of light-sensitive products.

White PET & polypropylene Plastic Bottles
White PET boston rounds are available in sizes ranging from 1 oz to 16 oz and are compatible with a variety of both dispensing and non-dispensing caps. Pair these boston round bottles with either white disc top caps, smooth polypro caps, or ribbed polypro caps for a cohesive all-white look. These bottles are also compatible with white fine mist sprayers and white lotion pumps with brushed aluminum collars. SKS carries two styles of lotion pumps with different outputs to best suit your needs. PET boston round bottles are paired with white lotion pumps, in a treatment pump style compatible with 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bottles and dispensing 190 MCL per stroke, as well as a standard head style, compatible with 8 oz and 16 oz bottles and dispensing 0.50 ml of product. For an even larger output, the 8 oz and 16 oz bottles are also paired with 2cc lotion pumps which can handle products such as shampoos and soaps.

White PET & Polypropylene Plastic Bottles White PET cosmo round bottles are taller and more slender than their boston round counterparts, and retain the same exceptional characteristics of PET plastic.

PET cosmo rounds are available in 1 oz, 2, oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz sizes. These cosmo round bottles are compatible with dispensing and non-dispensing caps in various styles to suit a range of products. Choose white or black disc top caps to dispense small amounts of product directly onto the hand or other surfaces for application. For more precise product application, pair these bottles with white or black twist top caps for hair dyes and other products that need to be applied in a thin line.

White PET & polypropylene Plastic Bottles
SKS stocks white PET foamer bottles with foaming pumps to integrate products such as soaps, facial cleansers, and hair styling liquids into your product line. The white pumps produce a foam without the use of gas propellants, by using a precise air-to-product ratio to create a proper viscosity each time. Testing is essential with foamer bottles to ensure the correct consistency and create the optimal foam consistency for your products.

Choose front and back panel labeling to complement the curvature of the foamer bottles. The oval shape provides a flat surface, while the white color easily coordinates with both neutral and vibrant color schemes.

White PET & polypropylene Plastic Bottles SKS has recently added new white PET square bottles in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. This mold was created to provide opaque, high quality square bottles without the high cost. The square bottles feature wide mouth openings to package supplements, vitamins, or other pharmaceuticals. These plastic bottles are compatible with white child resistant caps to help keep potentially dangerous items out of the reach of children.

Purchase the white square bottles in bulk and pair them with plastic or metal caps, even dispensing caps. The versatile shape and construction could package beauty care products, bath salts, and cosmetics.

White PET & Polypropylene Plastic Bottles

Polypropylene is another popular material used to construct bottles due to its excellent moisture barriers and useful resistances to grease, oil, heat, and alcohol. Polypropylene offers higher resistance to cracking and greater rigidity than PET. It also maintains strong barriers when packaging ingredients including organic solvents and acids.

The slim cylinder white airless pumps have capacities of 5 ml and 10 ml with dispensing outputs of .12 ml and .098 ml. A larger option in white airless pumps is also available in a round style. The round white polypropylene airless pumps are sold in 50 ml and 100 ml capacities and dispense 1 ml of product per stroke. Both pump styles have metal-free and propellant-free dispensing and include overcaps to reduce unwanted discharge.

HDPE & LDPE White Plastic Bottles

Bottles composed of HDPE are semi-flexible for improved impact resistance, lightweight, provide good moisture barriers, and are resistant to grease, oil, heat, and cold. When deciding between PET or HDPE for product packaging, it's best to test your ingredients with the material. Testing provides an understanding of how well the packaging will stand up to chemicals used in your products.

White HDPE & LDPE Plastic BottlesHDPE white bottles portray a soft appearance through rounded shoulders and bases, paired with a smooth semi matte finish. These features allow boston round and cosmo round bottles to be used in an array of sizes for full product lines, or cohesively blend with a variety of colored bottles.

White HDPE boston round bottles are available in 1/2 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Both white snap top caps and white ribbed polypropylene caps are compatible with these plastic bottles for use with products such as creams and lotions. Additionally, if you prefer the cosmo round style, SKS has white HDPE cosmo round bottles available in sizes ranging from 1 oz to 8 oz with white disc top caps or white fine mist sprayers.

White HDPE & LDPE Plastic Bottles
White HDPE powder style bottles with white sifter caps are available in 30 cc, 3 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz sizes. These bottles have a cylindrical shape and could work great for baby care products. Sifter caps can be twisted open and closed, for a secure seal. For products with a foam-like consistency, try the white HDPE cylinders with foamer pumps in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes. Each size includes clear overcaps for on-the-go use and storage. The 50 ml foamer pumps dispense .4 ml per stroke, while the 100 ml foamer pumps output is 1.2 ml per stroke. Standard white HDPE cylinders are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz capacities. Pair these HDPE cylinders with white disc top caps, white twist top caps, or white ribbed snap top caps for a variety of dispensing options.

White HDPE & LDPE Plastic Bottles White HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles have child resistant caps that meet regulations to keep contents safe and secure at all times. These plastic bottles offer important features for packaging pharmaceutical products; they are opaque in color, feature a wide opening for various capsule shapes and sizes, are made from FDA approved HDPE plastic, and are compatible with child resistant caps. Compatible closures for these bottles include: white ribbed PE/F217 lined, white child resistant PE/F217 lined, white ribbed induction lined, and white child resistant induction lined caps. These HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles have capacities in cc sizes, not capsules sizes.

White HDPE & LDPE Plastic Bottles White HDPE tottles could be an excellent choice for lotions, sunscreens, and other body care products. These white plastic bottles sit upright on flat top caps, allowing for quick and easy dispensing, even when little product is left. The HDPE construction is durable and also flexible enough to allow for easy dispensing with a gentle squeeze.

Available in several styles, choose between white tottles with flat snap top caps, hang loop tottles with snap top caps, natural or white 4 oz tottles, and 1/2 oz tottles with large orifice snap top caps.

White HDPE & LDPE Plastic Bottles

LDPE is very similar to HDPE, but a bit more flexible. LDPE plastic bottles provide a good moisture barrier and resistances against acids, greases, oils, alcohols, bases, esters, and ketones.

White LDPE dropper bottles are available in four sizes from 3 cc to 15 cc with white controlled dropper tip inserts and white ribbed caps. For additional security, 15 cc white LDPE dropper bottles are available with white controlled child resistant dropper tip caps. The dropper tip plugs dispense 40 uL per drop for accurate dispensing of products.

Polypropylene White Plastic Jars

White polypropylene Plastic JarsChoose from the large selection of white polypropylene jars SKS offers to bring a bright, fresh look to your product line. Polypropylene double wall jars are composed of an inner and outer jar making for a durable container. White polypropylene double wall jars are offered in two styles: straight sided and radius. Straight sided white double wall jars have a completely flat base and can be paired with white PS22 lined or PE-F217 lined caps with cosmetic disc liners. The white polypro radius jars differ slightly from the straight sided jars, but share the same double wall features. Radius jars have rounded bottoms and pair nicely with the matching white dome PE-F217 lined caps.

White polypropylene Plastic Jars White polypro thick wall jars are comparable to double wall jars, but have a more lightweight construction. Thick wall jars with white smooth lined caps range in sizes from 1/8 oz to 1 oz. These containers are ideal for packaging sample sizes, lip balm, and much more. For larger sizes, opt for white thick wall low profile jars with white smooth caps. These jars are available in 1 oz to 6 oz sizes and have wide openings for easy application of cosmetics, body care creams, and more.

White Polypropylene Plastic Jars

Straight sided polypro jars are offered in a large selection of sizes. Opt for small sampling sizes, larger sizes for bulk storage, or anything in between. The tall, straight walls allow for labeling in panels or around the entire jar.

White ribbed unlined caps are a popular choice for these jars. When purchased in bulk, these jars can also be paired with a variety of plastic caps. These containers can hold an assortment of products such as ointments, powders, balms, and much more.

White Plastic Jars

White Plastic Jars SKS has white plastic jars composed of PET, HDPE, and urea for various product lines. White PET plastic jars feature straight sided walls in a variety of sizes from 1/2 oz to 16 oz. PET plastic jars can be paired with smooth white cap options including PE-F217 lined, PS22 lined, dome PE-F217 lined, and unlined caps. For emerging industries including CBD and essential oil based body care products, compatible child resistant caps can be hard to find for jars. SKS has white HDPE low profile jars with white child resistant caps in capacities of 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz. These child resistant containers and caps meet CR protocol. Urea is a plastic material that is compatible with an array of products because of its hardness, low water absorption, and barriers against many bases and chemicals. SKS sellswhite compact urea plastic jars that work well for housing cosmetics, such as eye shadows, concealers, and lip stains. White urea jars with solid white urea lids and clear SAN jars with urea rimmed clear window caps are available in a 1/4 oz size. White urea jars are also sold in 1/2 oz sizes with white urea rimmed clear window caps.

White plastic bottles and jars provide a wide selection of packaging options for industries of all natures. Add labels and shrink bands to complete a cohesive visual display. Be sure to test all of our versatile packaging options with your products to ensure compatibility.

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