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SKS has an extensive range of white plastic bottles and jars for packaging cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, body care products, industrial cleaning supplies, and much more. White bottles and jars provide a clean, crisp appearance that can create a bold or subtle look when paired with your unique style of branding. Browse the product spotlights below to learn more about the variety of materials, styles, and sizes SKS has in opaque white plastic containers.

White Cosmetic Packaging

White plastic bottles and jars are available in a variety of styles that can package cosmetics and face care products. From white plastic jars with clear tops to white plastic bottles with an accent of silver, SKS offers packaging for products that could include powdered foundation, face masks, eyeshadow, and much more. With the selection of styles, sizes, and construction, SKS is sure to fit your cosmetic packaging needs.

White Body Care Packaging

When packaging a range of body care products, SKS offers a broad range of white bottles and jars. Choose from smooth white caps, dispensing caps, and additional packaging options, including cosmetic disc liners for top of the line style for your products. These white containers include stylish selections for products that could consist of hair care products, lotions, body wash, body sprays, and so much more!

White Pharmaceutical Packaging

There are many reasons to choose white plastic bottles and jars for over the counter pharmaceuticals. SKS offers white plastic containers for a range of pharmaceuticals that could include supplements, pain relievers, oral remedies, and more. With many child resistant choices, dispensing options, and durable, opaque construction, package over the counter products while reaching packaging requirements to fit all your needs.

White Industrial Cleaning Packaging

SKS offers a selection of white plastic bottles and jars that could be suited for industrial and home cleaning supplies. Choose from a range of containers for packaging products that could include liquid and powder cleaning products, spot stain removers, and pet odor remover products with ease.

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