Product Spotlight - Flask & Oblong Bottles

Plastic and glass oblong bottles and flasks provide a unique packaging option for drinks, salad dressings, body care products and more. Their rectangular shape allows for creative product branding, while a standard neck finish provides an array of dispensing options to suit any need.

Clear Liquor Flask Bottles

Flask bottles in plastic and glass offer a traditional packaging option for liquors and other beverages. Clear glass and plastic offers high clarity beverage packaging for brightly colored spiced rums, flavored vodkas, and more! Choose these clear flasks with tamper evident caps to ensure a secure shopping experience for your customers.

Oblong Bottles for Food Products

For your food packaging needs, choose plastic or glass oblongs and flasks in clear or amber to showcase and protect your delicious salad dressings, olive oils, extracts, and more . These sharp plastic and glass bottles include closure options that make dispensing and use easy in the kitchen.

Oblong Bath & Body Bottles

SKS offers amber and clear oblong plastic bottles for body care products that could include skin treatments, lotions, cleansers, and more. Oblongs are useful for bath and body care products due to their easy to handle shape, semi flexibility, and durable construction.

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