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Product Spotlight - Flasks & Oblong Bottles

Product Spotlight - Flasks & Oblong Bottles

Clear & Amber Oblong Food Bottles & Flasks

Choose plastic or glass oblong bottles and flasks in clear or amber to showcase and protect your food products on store shelves. These versatile food packaging options include convenient closures for easy dispensing of salad dressings, olive oils, extracts, and more in the kitchen.

Clear Plastic and Glass Oblong Bottles

Plastic oblong bottles offer many useful features for products such as salad dressings, condiments, sauces, and more. These classic salad dressing bottles are compatible with a range of dispensing and non-dispensing caps, including black snap top caps with PS22 liners. PS22 liners offer convenient application, without requiring additional tools to adhere. Just screw the snap top caps firmly onto the oblongs after filling and leave them in place. After roughly 48 hours, the PS22 liners will adhere securely to the bottle rims, helping to maintain the freshness of your food products.
Clear Flasks
  • Features of Clear Oblong Bottles:
  • Wide, sturdy base
  • Designed for quick, easy use
  • Durable construction

SKS offers clear glass salad dressing bottles in an oblong shape that includes stylized ridges on the bottle sides and a slender neck for a classic style and versatility. Pair these glass salad dressing containers with white or black ribbed caps or black snap top caps with induction liners. Induction liners seal the glass bottles with a tamper evident, airtight seal that includes a pull tab for easy opening. While offering a reliable and durable seal for optimal freshness, induction liners require induction sealing machines for application. Read more about them here!

Amber Glass Oblong Bottles

SKS offers two styles of amber glass oblong bottles that could be used for a range of food products including olive oils, food flavorings, and more. Amber glass offers many features that aid in providing convenient and durable food packaging, while the unique oblong shape creates a dynamic presentation on store shelves.Amber Flasks
  • Amber Glass Benefits:
  • Filters UV rays to protect light sensitive products
  • FDA approved
  • 100% recyclable
  • Nonporous and impermeable

For food products that may include cooking oils, choose 100 ml and 250 ml amber glass oblong flask bottles paired with black ribbed tamper evident caps. The oblongs feature a standard rectangular base, with softly rounded shoulders and a shorter, tapered neck that includes a tamper evident ring. Tamper evident caps provide a visual alert to customers if your products have been previously opened, ensuring the freshness and integrity of food products purchased. As an added feature, the tamper evident caps include LDPE pouring inserts that assist in maintaining in a steady stream while pouring from the bottles.

In a smaller capacity, select 1 oz and 3 oz amber glass oblong bottles with black phenolic cone lined caps or black ribbed plastic caps with F217 liners to fit your needs. These oblongs include ample front and back labeling panels for custom decoration, and a broader width for a secure grip while pouring food flavorings, extracts, and more. The glass oblong bottles also feature a ridged bottom for added sturdiness during storage in kitchens and pantries.

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