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Product Spotlight - Fine Mist Sprayers

Product Spotlight - Fine Mist Sprayers

SKS offers fine mist sprayers in three colors with either ribbed or smooth finishes. These sprayers come in several dip tube lengths, making them compatible with an array of glass and plastic bottles.

Why Choose Fine Mist Sprayers?

SKS offers a variety of fine mist sprayer styles to dispense products by misting. For the best performance, fine mist sprayers should be used to dispense low viscosity products with a water-like consistency. Clogs may occur in dip tubes and sprayer heads if products are too thick.

Why Choose Fine Mist Sprayers? Fine mist sprayers are designed with the user in mind. Spring loaded dispensing and sloped tops require minimal effort for a continuous spray. A clear styrene hood is included with every fine mist sprayer. This highly durable plastic hood fits snuggly into place over the sprayer head to prevent accidental dispensing.

Fine mist sprayers can be paired with glass and plastic bottles of various colors and styles to showcase your product line. Watch our video highlighting the exceptional features of our ribbed fine mist sprayers!

Fine Mist SprayersThe output of these fine mist sprayers differs by size ranges. The mini fine mist sprayers in sizes from 12 mm to 15 mm have an output of 0.06 ml to 0.11 ml per spray. Standard fine mist sprayers from 20/410 up to 24/410 output 0.14 ml to 0.16 ml of product per spray.

All fine mist sprayers are rigorously tested during manufacturing to present the most accurate output on a continual basis. SKS highly suggests performing product tests on the fine mist sprayers to ensure compatibility.

Fine Mist Sprayers Dip tube length is key to ensuring product is correctly dispensed with sprayers. SKS provides a range of dip tubes to easily pair with plastic and glass bottles. If you find an SKS bottle is not compatible with a fine mist sprayer, be sure to contact our customer service team for assistance. We also have the ability to trim and customize dip tube lengths per your specifications. For more information about this added service complete a quote request and a representative will contact you!

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