Product Spotlight - Fine Mist Sprayers

Fine mist sprayers are a popular choice when dispensing all natural cleaning supplies, beauty products, hotel amenities, and so much more! SKS offers a broad range of sizes for matching with glass and plastic containers for creating cohesive and stylish product lines. Fine mist sprayers are designed with the user in mind. Spring loaded dispensing, and sloped tops require minimal effort for a continuous spray. Clear styrene hoods are included with every fine mist sprayer. This highly durable plastic hood fits snuggly into place over the sprayer head to prevent accidental dispensing.

Sprayer Bottles for Cleaning Products

Ribbed fine mist sprayers are durable and constructed to dispense of range of products that could include a line of all natural cleaning products, disinfecting liquids, and more. White, black, and natural fine mist sprayers easily pair with plastic and glass bottles in a range of color and sizes to meet your needs.

Bottles w/ Sprayers for Beauty Products

For professional makeup artist and customers at home, provide beauty products in glass and plastic bottles with smooth fine mist sprayers for high end appeal. Smooth fine mist sprayers function the same as the widely used ribbed fine mist sprayers but offer a softer look for a range of products including cosmetics and body care products.

Bottles w/ Sprayers for Hotel Amenities

When creating a line of hotel amenities or offering sample sizes of your products, SKS offers mini fine mist sprayers compatible with small volume glass and plastic containers. Browse white, natural, and black mini fine mist sprayers and see all of the great features these dispensing caps have to fit your needs.

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