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Product Spotlight - Fine Mist Sprayers

Product Spotlight - Fine Mist Sprayers

Smooth Fine Mist Sprayers for Beauty Products

SKS carries glass and plastic bottles with smooth fine mist sprayers for packaging beauty products for professional or home use. Smooth fine mist sprayers function the same as the widely used ribbed fine mist sprayers, while offering a softer look for cosmetics and body care products.

Beauty Products with Smooth Fine Mist Sprayers

White smooth fine mist sprayers with brushed aluminum collars are a popular choice when packaging cosmetics and beauty products. These fine mist sprayers are available in 20/410 and 24/410 neck finish sizes and with a range of dip tube lengths, making them compatible with many plastic and glass bottles. The fine mist sprayers include clear styrene hoods to prevent unwanted discharge when not in use and feature an output of .120 - .140 mcl per spray. Pair these fine mist sprayers with frosted cosmo round bottles or white boston round bottles for facial products, like makeup setting spray or sunscreen spray.

White and black smooth fine mist sprayers also offer a range of options that can be paired with a multitude of plastic and glass bottle sizes for a full product line. Choose white smooth fine mist sprayers for a clean, crisp look paired with clear glass boston round bottles or clear PET cosmo round bottles for dispensing low viscosity products with ease.

  • Fine Mist Sprayer Features:
  • Dispense .14 ml to .16 ml per spray
  • Include clear styrene hoods
  • Easy spring loaded dispensing
  • Available in 20,410, 22/410, and 24/410 neck finishes

Pair black fine mist sprayers with blue glass boston round bottles or amber PET cosmo round bottles for a dynamic look. Dark colored glass and plastic bottles provide UV protection for products with light sensitive ingredients, like facial serums or essential oils. Choose fine mist sprayers to stylishly package a full line of cosmetics.

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