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Product Spotlight - Black Plastic Containers

Product Spotlight - Black Plastic Containers

Black plastic bottles and jars are offered in a variety of sizes and styles that can make an eye catching display for a full product line in numerous industries.

Black Plastic Bottles

Check out these black plastic bottles in PET plastic, available in boston round and cosmo round styles to package a variety of products! PET plastic provides resistance against moisture, oxygen, acid, grease and oil. These plastic bottles also have excellent UV barriers due to the opacity of black PET.
Black PET plastic boston round bottles range in size from 1 oz to 16 oz and are shaped with wide round bases and rounded shoulders. Bottles smaller than 8 oz have a 20/410 neck finish, while the larger sizes have a 24/410 neck finish. You can also pair these black plastic bottles with black lotion pumps for a line of body care products such as lotions and hair creams. The 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bottles are compatible with treatment pumps, which operate the same way as traditional lotion pumps. Check out other cap combinations available for this bottle in our Black Plastic Bottles index!

The black PET cosmo round bottles have a taller and more slender appearance than the boston rounds. The smaller diameter of these bottles make them easier to hold and dispense product with one hand. These black plastic bottles are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz sizes. Use the black PET cosmo round bottles with silver disc top caps for products such as shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. Flip up the disc top cap to open the container and dispense product with ease.

For additional information about the PET boston round bottles and PET cosmo round bottles watch these quick, informative videos!

Black Plastic Jars

SKS has black plastic jars in four different materials, and offered in a range of sizes and styles.

Black plastic jars are available in standard polypropylene, as well as an eco-friendly PIR polypropylene plastic. Both options have good moisture barriers and resistance to acid, grease, oil and heat. So, what is the difference? PIR stands for Post Industrial Resin, meaning that these jars are made from leftover production run material. The construction process of polypropylene jars includes shaving, trimming and sculpting, which results in excess material. The surplus plastic is then remelted and used to create the new PIR plastic container. PIR polypropylene is by no means inferior to the standard material! It simply uses recycled material and is more energy and cost efficient.
Jars/One option in black polypropylene jars is the small, stylish thick wall jar, available with black smooth F217 lined caps. These thick, durable plastic jars, range in size from 1/8 oz to 1 oz. These small jars make for great sample sizes. They are also well suited to showcase products such as high end eye creams.

For larger packaging options, choose the black polypropylene double wall plastic jars. The double wall jars feature two layers of polypropylene and come with PS22 lined black caps to provide a polished appearance. The caps include a liner with the printed phrase Sealed for Your Protection. The radius style black double wall jars have a rounded bottom that is complemented by black dome F217 lined caps.

Jars/PIR polypro jars are available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sizes with a frosted finish. The 8 oz PIR polypro jar includes black frosted PIR polypro deep skirted caps for an eco-friendly packaging option. SKS also offers dome style black frosted caps that are compatible with the 2 oz and 4 oz jars. The frosted PIR polypro black caps in the flat or dome style are unlined. If you are interested in compatible caps that have a particular liner, choose the PIR polypro jars in bulk, then choose corresponding caps.

PCR black plastic jars offer sustainable packaging combined with the durability and versatility of PET plastic. PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin, and is created through the following process:
  1. New PET plastic is created and containers are molded
  2. Containers are sold and used
  3. Empty PET plastic containers are recycled
  4. Recycled plastic containers are returned to the manufacturer
  5. The manufacturer cleans, shreds and remelts the plastic
  6. New PCR PET containers are molded

This process helps to reduce the number of plastic containers reaching landfills, and also reduce the required energy, use of raw materials, and pollution associated with producing new PET containers. Like standard PET, PCR PET has good barriers and resistance to moisture, oxygen, acid, grease, and oils. For a full product line of balms or lotions, opt for versatile black PCR jars with F217 lined black smooth caps or black dome caps.

Black HDPE plastic jars feature a low profile style and large neck opening to assist in filling and dispensing. HDPE plastic has the same useful barriers and resistance as PET, with a slight degree of flexibility. SKS has black HDPE jars specifically molded to work properly with child resistant caps. These same plastic jars can also be paired with standard threaded caps. When paired with black child resistant caps these black HDPE jars can be used to package products such as medicinal pharmaceuticals, or other products that require child resistant barriers.

Whether you are looking for an eye catching container, would like to use eco-friendly packaging, or need UV protection for your products, black plastic containers could be an attractive and safe choice!

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