Product Spotlight - Cosmetic Black Containers

Black Plastic Containers for Cosmetics

SKS offers a variety of small capacity black plastic containers for a range of cosmetic packaging options. These black jars and compacts transport well for mess free storage and shipping to customers all over the world. Consider these cosmetic jars to showcase vibrant lip balms, eye shadow colors, and more.

Black Cosmetic Jars

Black polypropylene thick wall jars are available in 1/8 oz to 1 oz sizes and feature tall walls, making them a top choice for lip balms and solid concealer. Choose from matching smooth black caps or dome caps. To showcase the products within, opt for clear styrene dome caps. The combination of the durable polypropylene material and thick wall style offers good barriers against moisture, oil, and alcohol, while also reducing the rate of interaction with the product inside.

SKS carries black plastic compacts with clear tops for displaying various shades of eyeshadows, bronzer, and blush. These cosmetic compacts are durable, which allows them to be packaged within makeup kits and purses.

ABS plastic is frequently used to create cosmetic jars and compacts due to its flexibility to mold small capacity containers. ABS plastic offers strong impact resistance, as well as heat and scratch resistance, and features a high-end, glossy appearance. For even more creative packaging choices, browse through our cosmetic packaging ideas and our top 5 cosmetic containers!

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